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Captain F.Y.P. Lee, M.M., M.B.E., E.D.

Lai Chak Po report re John Power

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A Happy Get-together of 2 'Descendants of BAAG Group' Alison McEwan (daughter of Maj Colin McEwan) and hubby Tim Luard and Felix Chanduloy (nephew of Andrew Chan #78 and Josephine Ng, former wife of Lui Ka Yan/Li Fong #68). May many more Descendants and Friends come together to remember Sir Ride's brave boys and gals.



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Colin McEwan Diary

Dates of events covered by this document: 
Mon, 1941-12-08 to Sat, 1942-11-14

Colin McEwan Diary: 8.12.1941 – 20.1.1942


Brief notes: 1.7.1942 -14.11.1942 (sometimes illegible)


(Lawrence Tsui remarks in Red)


Pop’s Diary – last days inHK 1941

(Captain Colin McEwan was SOE & later BAAG Field Operations Group (FOGS) with Ronald Holmes, Maxwell Holroyd, Francis Lee, Vincent Yeung, Al Wong & Osler Thomas) 

 (There appear to be 10 pages missing from the original)


Book type: 

1951 Andrew BAAG Reunion 2.PNG

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

Congrats to BAAG 70th Anniversary! I've just realised that on this photo taken at Dunrose Oct 1951 (acknowlegements to Lawrence Tsui archives), uncle Andrew's( #78) wife Auntie Josephine Ng Sau Chun (Lui Kar Yan's #68 former wife) is seated 3rd from right of photo in light colour dress clutching handbag.

Front row, seated, L-R:

  • 1-4: ???
  • 5: Paul Tsui
  • 6-7: ???
  • 8: Josephine Ng Sau Chun
  • 9-10: ???


A poem from vincent’s Autograph book


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