Places tagged: battery

Name Completed Closed / Demolished
Aberdeen Battery, Ap Lei Chau
Albany Road Battery, Mid Levels
Austin Battery, Mount Austin
Belchers Battery, Kennedy Town
Bluff Head Battery, Stanley
Bokhara Battery, Cape D'Aguilar
Brick Hill AA Battery, Brick Hill
Chung Am Kok Battery, Chung Hom Kok
Collinson Battery, Cape Collinson
Coombe Road Battery, Wan Chai Gap
Customs Battery, Customs Pass
D'Aguilar Battery, Cape D'Aguilar
Devil's Peak Redoubt, Gough and Pottinger Batteries
Elliott Battery, Mid Levels
Filters Battery, Kowloon Reservoir
Fly Point Battery, Mid Levels
Fort Victoria
Gauge Basin Battery, Tai Tam
Gough Battery, Devils Peak
Gough Hill Battery, Mount Gough
Isthmust HAA Battery, Hang Hau
Jubilee Battery
Kellett Island Battery Causeway Bay
Kowloon Battery (approximate location)
Kowloon Dock Battery
Kowloon East Battery, Hung Hom
Kowloon West Battery, Tsim Sha Tsui
Lye Mun Central Battery, Lye Yue Mun
Lye Mun Howitzer Battery, Lye Yue Mun
Lye Mun Redoubt Battery, Lye Yue Mun
Lye Mun Reverse 12 Pdr QF Battery
Lye Mun Reverse Battery, Lye Yue Mun
Lye Mun West Battery, Lye Yue Mun
Mount Davis AA Battery, Mount Davis
Mount Davis Battery
Mount Davis HAA Battery, Mount Davis
Mt Parker Battery, Mount Parker
Murray Battery
North Point Battery, North Point
Number 2 Improvised Battery, Lung Ha Wan
Number 3 Improvised Battery, Repulse Bay
Ouchterlony Battery, Sai Ying Poon
Pak Sha Wan Battery, Lye Yue Mun
Pinewood Battery
Polo Ground Battery, Kowloon Tong
Possession Point Battery, Sheung Wan
Pottinger Battery, Devils Peak
Prince Edward AA Battery, Kowloon Tong
Red Hill Battery, Red Hill
Royal Battery, Central
Sai Wan Battery, Chai Wan
Sai Wan Hill Battery, Chai Wan
Sanatorium Battery, Mount Gough
Shan Tsui Battery
Sheko AA Battery, Sheko
Shouson Hill AA Battery
Signal Hill Battery / Blackhead Fort
Stanley Battery, Stanley
Stanley Gap Battery, Tai Tam
Stonecutters AA Battery, Stonecutters
Stonecutters Albion Battery, Stonecutters
Stonecutters Central Battery, Stonecutters
Stonecutters Centurion Battery, Stonecutters
Stonecutters East Battery, Stonecutters
Stonecutters South Shore Battery, Stonecutters
Stonecutters West Battery, Stonecutters
Tai Tam Fork Battery, Tai Tam
Tai Tam Hill Battery, Tai Tam
Tates Cairn Battery, Tates Cairn
Victoria Battery, Central
Victoria Peak Battery, Victoria Peak
Waterfall Bay AA Battery, Wah Fu
Wellington Battery Pier
Wellington Battery seawall fragments
Wellington Battery, Central
West Bay AA Battery, Chung Hom Kok
West Point Battery, Central
Wong Nai Chong AA Battery, WNC Gap
Wong Nai Chong Howitzer Battery, WNC Gap
WWII Improvised battery in Apleichau - a possible location (A) with a platform of unknown origin