Aberdeen Battery, Ap Lei Chau [1939- ]

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  • 1939: Constructed as an Emergency Bty. (ADM 116/4356).
  • 1939: Armament: 2 x 4" BL Naval Guns. (WO 106/2379).
  • 1941: December: In action against shipping/naval targets. Captured at surrender 25th December. (WO 172/1687).
  • 1945: No guns remaining, position stripped. (WO 78/750A).
  • 2014: Some scattered ruins remain. (Personal visit).

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Went there from a few steps detoured from the road, it's almost the end of it with a service reservoir in view.

Someone has put up an English version of note there describing the background of this battery, though it's an informal one.

Coordinates: 22.2406192, 114.1493419

Not sure if it's the one in this page or one of the improvised one further uphill, closer to the road.

Are the stone slabs of military purpose or are they gravestones for the unknown dead?

IMG_20200807_buckets.jpg, by H.Lo
IMG_20200807_OldMotor.jpg, by H.Lo
IMG_20200807_two_slabs.jpg, by H.Lo
IMG_20200807_slabs.jpg, by H.Lo

Hi Lo. The stone slabs are to mark pauper's graves. I think LCSD came through recently and cut away a lot of the vegetation. The buckets are for an elderly man's garden below the wall (which I nicknamed the Mosquito Factory as the collected rainwater serves as a breeding ground). The motor is Japanese and appears to be from the 1970's. 

Hi There,

Those were used grave stones, I believe.  There were lots of graves in Apleichau. Even part of the Ap Lei Chau Estate stands on a disused graveyard  Some abandoned graves are still visible if you stand right next to the fence north of the basketball court of Ap Lei Chau Estate.  Some such used grave stones could be found close to the bunkers just down the slop from Ap Lei Chai Estate as well.

On the other hand, there is still a road side grave on Lee Nam Road, a bit south of the Restricted road going up to the service reservoir.  


roadside_grave.jpg, by tngan

I decided to try hacking my way through the growth from the DEL platform up along the slope maintenance stairs to see if I could reach the Battery that way. Halfway up I found the original stairs, which led me up to the Lower Battery Platform (had to literally crawl under vines and branches at times). I have created a marker on the Map of All Places with the correct latitude and longitude (https://gwulo.com/node/54517) and added the pictures I took. It is very impressive and has remained hidden for a very long time.