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Aberdeen Battery, Ap Lei Chau [1939- ]

Current condition: 
Date Place completed: 

Year completed is: Accurate

Current status: Ruin
Site visited: Feb-1998, 2014.
Ref: ROB-00101


  • 1939: Constructed as an Emergency Bty. (ADM 116/4356).
  • 1939: Armament: 2 x 4" BL Naval Guns. (WO 106/2379).
  • 1941: December: In action against shipping/naval targets. Captured at surrender 25th December. (WO 172/1687).
  • 1945: No guns remaining, position stripped. (WO 78/750A).
  • 2014: Some scattered ruins remain. (Personal visit).

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Hi there,

Recent MTR construction works had a whole slope of vegetation along Lee Nam Road removed.  One might be able to see the soil/rock beneath.  Don't know how much top soil or rock would be removed though.

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Went there from a few steps detoured from the road, it's almost the end of it with a service reservoir in view.

Someone has put up an English version of note there describing the background of this battery, though it's an informal one.

Coordinates: 22.2406192, 114.1493419

Not sure if it's the one in this page or one of the improvised one further uphill, closer to the road.

Are the stone slabs of military purpose or are they gravestones for the unknown dead?

IMG_20200807_buckets.jpg, by H.Lo
IMG_20200807_OldMotor.jpg, by H.Lo
IMG_20200807_two_slabs.jpg, by H.Lo
IMG_20200807_slabs.jpg, by H.Lo