Wong Nai Chong AA Battery, WNC Gap [1940- ]

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Current condition
Date completed

Year completed is: Approximate
Condition at last visit: Ruins
Date of last visit: Nov-2014
Ref: ROB-00173


  • 1940: Constructed as a 3.7" HAA site.  (WO 106/2379).
  • 1941: Armament: 2 x 3.7" mobile HAA guns. In action in December against airborne targets. Overrun and captured 18th/19th December.  (WO 172/1687).
  • 2014: Parts of gun positions and buildings remain as part of a Heritage Walk.

For a background to these notes, and a glossary of terms used, please see: http://gwulo.com/node/24630  


I wanted to add some details regarding its action and defense. 

15th December- Confirmed, One Japanese Aircraft Shot down

18/19th December- The AA Battery was defended in a hard fought conflict, where around 30 Eurasian HKVDC soldiers defended the position against IJA troops in the latter stages of the battle of  Wong Nai Chung Gap. Defense held up for between 1-2 hours. (HK Historical Trail Info)

Structural details: The sight exists at the very start of the Historical details. Two platforms exist where the former batteries were positioned, as well is an immediate small battery storage. These are positioned on an elevated landing. Dug into the side of the landing, below these structures is the larger munitions storage building. 

-These exist in reasonably good ruin conditions at present.