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Submitted by David on Tue, 10/20/2009 - 15:52

Here are answers to the questions we hear most often.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please leave a comment below.

Regards, David


Hi Vernon,

If you've forgotten your password, click the 'Request new password' link. It's on the left of the screen, at the bottom of the 'User login' box.

If you are already logged in and would like to change your password, first click the 'My account' link, on the left of the screen near the bottom. On the next screen click the 'Edit' tab. Type your new password in the 'Password:' and 'Confirm password:' fields, then click the 'Save' button. Your password is updated.

Regards, David

I somehow managed to repeat a post twice through an inadvertent click. I tried to delete it through 'Edit' several times, but failed. Many apologies. Is there a 'delete' option?


Hi David,

Sorry to bother you. I posted a forum topic entitled "Structures on the South Coast of Lei Yue Mun Channel", http://gwulo.com/node/18374. On being "saved" it appears on the screen with huge spaces between some para's, and between some para's and photos, and rather small sized photos. When I have attempted to "edit", the photos in the article don't appear on screen so I can't see exactly where the excessive spaces are and so can't reduce the the size of the spaces or enlarge the photos. Grateful for your advice on how to reduce the spaces and enlarge the photos please.

It's a long article, perhaps over long, so that may be the cause of the problem. If so, please accept my apologies for the bother I've caused.



Hi GW,

I've tidied up the formatting. Youmentioned in your email that you'd written the text in Microsoft Word then copied it to Gwulo. Unfortunately that usually causes all sorts of odd effects in the text when displayed in Gwulo. If you prefer to write it up on your PC first, I recommend you simply type it into Notepad. That saves it as plain text, and doesn't cause any strange effects when you paste it into Gwulo.

The other problem, where a photo can't be seen when you try to edit, is described in this thread: http://gwulo.com/node/17835. If you can leave a comment over there and let me know which browser, and version of browser you are using, it will be helpful.

Regards, David

I see I made a mistake in the last two posts. I show Taipo Roadhouse, when they should be Shatin Roadhouse. How do I edit this error?

Thanks for "holding my hands", and getting me this far.


Hi Bob,

If you go back to those two pages, you should now see an "edit" button just under the black bar that shows the name of the photo. Click Edit, make your changes, click Finish, and it should all be updated.

Regards, David

Hi David

I've seen where one is now able to link to a previous image or text, when referring to it, with the word 'here'. But how do I do this?

I would like to use the facility in my last comment in the forum re the stone arch bridge.



If you click "Finish", but see the error message "Image field is required", it means you haven't chosen any image file (usually a .JPG or .JPEG file) to upload.

Scroll down the page til you see "Image", and there will be a red error message next to it "No file chosen". Click the "Choose file" button to fix that, then go to the bottom of the page and click "Finish" again. This time it should work without any error, and your photo is successfully uploaded to Gwulo.

I successfully uploaded again the image that I had trouble with yesterday, fully prepared to follow the above instructions. When I reached the same point as yesterday, I click Finish, fully expecting to follow th new directions, but it wasn't necessary as it uploaded seamlessly. I might have been up against a gliche which cleared itself. Thanks for the tip anyway, Dave. Much appreciated.


How do I create a sub gallery in the 1920s gallery?  I want to upload a small group of photos taken by Tai Hon Fan and easily be able to locate it later on.




I didn't get any notification of the new comments to my recent post. I hadn't posted anything for a while, but I've always received notifications previously. I wonder what's happened to stop them. I wasn't aware of unchecking the relevant box.




The notification feature can send notifications in two cases:

1. When comments are added to your content.

So if you upload a photo, or create a Person page, for example, you're the owner of that page - or 'content' as this software calls it. You'd like to be notified if anyone leaves a comment on your page.

2. Comments are added to pages where you've commented too.

The page was created by someone else, but you've left a comment. You'd like to be notified if other comments are added.

I think that so far you've been getting notifications for option 2 above, but in this case (the photo of the view of Kowloon) you'd also like notifications for option 1.

To change the settings, please look for the "User menu" block on the left of the page and click "My account".

At the top of the page click 'Edit", then scroll down to the "Comment follow-up notification settings" section.

There you'll want to tick "Receive content follow-up notification e-mails", then scroll down and click the "Save" button.

Regards, David

How do I upload a PDF file, don't want to type in a 19 page document ? I have saved it in 5 smaller PDFs



Sorry David - I must have missed some information about how to place pins when creating a "Place". My pin for 6 Ashley Road has landed in the middle of the sea. I'm afraid my notion of Hong Kong's geography is hazy, even if I knew how to place a pin. I was sort of hoping that "magic maps" might do it for me automatically ....



I'm finding it very difficult on Mac, i-phone and i-pad to locate the road in Hong Kong where I need to place the pin. It's difficult to magnify Hong Kong sufficiently in the first place. Having lost my post several times, I placed my pin at random - it turned up in the mountains - and then used 'edit'. Any chance Magic Maps would perform this service for me, just from the address?

I've just had a look at your 1909 map, which would theoretically be perfect for placing my family at that time - except that it doesn't go as far as Happy Valley! Wong Nai-Chong Road perhaps not very developed.

Hi Jill,

I took a look at a couple of options for typing in addresses and setting the marker accordingly. Neither worked very smoothly, and I think add more complexity than they solve, so I won't add those to the site.

I also tried adding a Place using my Samsung phone, and found it was difficult to get the pin where I wanted it. I'd tap, but the pin would appear up the screen a long way from where I'd tapped. Is that the same problem you see on your iPad / iPhone?

On my PC using Chrome, I use the mouse to click where I want the marker to appear, and it behaves correctly. What is the problem you have on the Mac?

Until I get this fixed, if you make a Place and can't easily get the marker to the right point on the map, just save anyway and when I see it I'll move the marker to the address given.

Regards, David

That's a very kind offer, David - thanks. The problem you had with your Samsung phone is exactly what happens to me. On my Mac, in order to "fix" Hong Kong and stop it sliding away, I have to click on the touch pad and just make do with wherever the pin lands until I can edit. Magnifying the image is tricky, but I'm sure would be easier if I used a mouse.

Is it possible to add a "Warren" tag to addresses where my family lived, that have been posted in previous years? I'm thinking for example of 33 Caine Road and Observatory Villas which were not put on by me and therefore I don't think I can use the 'Edit' menu to add a tag.

I thought your step by step explanatory video for the Map of All Places on the Gwulo Facebook page is beautifully clear, by the way.

I've found a possible workaround to the pin problem - when you start editing a Place, scroll right down to the bottom of the page, then scroll back up to where the map is. Then if I tap on the map, the marker is added where I tap. I know it sounds a bit like "Stand on one leg while waving your lucky rabbit's foot", but it worked several times for me so might work for you too.

Then for tags, decide what tag you'll use, then add a short comment to any Places you want it added to, "Please add tag xyz". I'll add the tag and delete the comment.

I see Susiepie has already asked about the "here" link with regard to previous posts. I've always been impressed by the elegance of the "here" links to a newspaper article in moddsey's posts, without the slightest idea of how to achieve the same.

But I was a bit disconcerted to click the "here" link in another user's recent post and find that it took me to an empty reply window under my name and apparently in my own account - now corrected by that user. How was that possible?

That's two questions I'm afraid ....



Strange that whenever I loaded this page in IE, there is this error message, but the page is perfectly normal when I load it in Chrome instead.  In any case, even in IE all information and links work without problem. 


There was a problem - the clue is the "Missing image" shown under the "Navigate Gallery". Should be fixed now - if you still see the error try refreshing the page.

(If it happens again, it was caused by a duplicate image I'd hidden but hadn't deleted.)

Hello David,

My apologies for not keeping up to date with the ever expanding landscape of Gwulo pages.  OldTimer has been adding lots of places of theatres, and I remember some weeks ago a conversation started about indexing them, to which you answered using the 'Forum' feature would suit perfectly (did I remember this correctly?).  However I have not been able to find such a forum that threads all these pages together into a coherent whole.  The only way I have so far been able to find anything approaching a list of such pages is using the 'cinema' tag in any of the thratre's pages, and it comes up with the bunch of pages sorted according to when OldTimer added them (latest ones first). 

Is there a better way to find this list, if it does exist in Gwulo?  For example, can an index page be created and a link of some sort added to the left hand toolbar on the Gwulo front page?


Hi Breskvar,

The 'cinema' tag is the way to go at the moment. Apart from the standard tag page, you can also click on the Places (map) tab to see all the cinemas shown on a map, and I've just added a new Places (list) tab that shows them on a sortable list.

It'll be good to have a page for the cinemas too, similar to the page we have for pillboxes. Does Peter have any text in mind for that page?

Regards, David

Klaus has also talked about having "parent-level pages" like your flagship pages, that act as the main page for a group of related People / Places / etc that have the same tag.

I think they're a great idea, so if any readers have an area of interest and want to create a flagship page about it, please let me know.

Regards, David

Sorry David, I came across this page by accident.  I have not given much thought about writing a covering text.  It could be somewhat like what I sent you about a week ago called Task Description.  I am sure you have more and better ideas.  We can discuss this after I have finished compiling all the theatres using presently known lists from the internet.  Regards,  Peter

For most of the old photos the exact date is unknown. How do I enter just the year when this is certain or the nearest decade ? The system seems to demand the full syntax: yyyy-mm-dd. When I try entering 2018 or the nearest 2010, it is not accepted. My workaround is just using 2018-01-01 which is uncorrect. Please instruct me to how this should be fixed. 


I was trying to provide some old HK photos to your web site and spent 30 mins to create an account but unsuccessful. I jus want to support yoir web site. I am not sure if this web site supposed to be on going seriously or this is for other commercial purpose. 

I was trying to provide some old HK photos to your web site

Thank you, I'll look forward to seeing those. Here are notes on how to upload a photo to the site: https://gwulo.com/node/2076

and spent 30 mins to create an account but unsuccessful.

Sorry to hear that, if you can let me know what was the prt that caused trouble I'll see if there's a way to improve it. Your account is active now.

I just want to support yoir web site. I am not sure if this web site supposed to be on going seriously or this is for other commercial purpose. 

Here's some more about the history of the site: https://gwulo.com/node/35528

If you have any other questions, just let me know.

Regards, David

Hi David - Elizabeth Ride suggested I uploaded my fahter's wartime diary to his page which to my shame I hadn't known existed!

Would this be the right place and would you like it there? I can also correct some info already there, date of death, family names...

Or I can give you the corrections?

Besy, Alison (McEwan)

Hi Alison,

Your father's wartime diary will be a great addition to the site, thank you! I recommend you make a new "book" page, and post the content to that: https://gwulo.com/node/add/book-doc

I've also made you the owner of your father's page at https://gwulo.com/node/23632 so you can edit it and make any corrections / additions.

Best regards, David