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Name: George Felix Chanduloy 陳炳江- of Chinese and French (the Seychelles) lineage, Hong Kong born and bred. Nephew of Andrew & Josephine Chanduloy (aka Andrew Chan Kwong Kee 陳廣基BAAG #78) and cousin to Mabel Lui (daughter of Lui Ka Yin/Li Fong BAAG #68  and Josephine). Education - Tak Sun Primary School 1948-1953, La Salle College 1953-1961, HKU BA Literature&French1964,MA Languages 1984, Diplôme Professeur de Français Langue Etrangère. Teacher l'Alliance Française HK, La Salle College, Ng Wah College. A monkey climbing the ever-branching 200 year old family tree, stuck on the the BAAG branch. Will appreciate helping hands to negotiate this branch.

Interests: operettes -European and American, weztern operas, Cantonese opetas (though I can't read Chinese),Classical music (esp moyen âge & baroque) light music, French 'chansons'
Classical drama (Greek), English drama (17th & 18th century), French drama (Beaumarchais and Marivaux), literature (Romantics)
Admire Sculpture and paintings, dabble in painting and woodetching.
Maybe gardening(?)