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How to: add photos to

Before you can add a photo, you'll need to log in to Look for the 'User login' box down on the left of this page.  (If you don't have a username and password yet, your first step will be to create an account.)

Once you're logged in, you can share your photo with us by following these instructions: "How to: upload your photos to Gwulo (basic)".

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions,

Regards, David


I have uploaded an image to Gwulu and wish to have this be dispalyed within the body of the text I have typed in  "Comments" . I have succesfully put a hyperlink with within this text but I cannot to locate the icon which allows the image to actually be displayed without readers needing to click the likl and navigate away from that page

The instructions at "How to include photos from in your text" are the ones you need - let me know if you run into any problems.

Regards, David