How to draw your own maps

Submitted by David on Mon, 08/23/2010 - 14:21

[5 Jan 2014 UPDATE: This feature isn't working at present. I plan to get it working again after the upgrade is complete.]

It's easy to add a map to your text, and often more effective than trying to describe where something is. eg let's say I want to show the area of the old Army site in Admiralty. Here's the map:

[gmap polygon=22.27988367546437,114.16125297546387 + 22.279387281976724,114.16273355484009 + 22.278553336950853,114.16399955749512 + 22.277798810975703,114.16754007339477 + 22.27589262195924,114.16661739349365 + 22.27529693256386,114.16595220565796 + 22.27460195839621,114.165780544281 + 22.27440339371409,114.16513681411743 + 22.275555064946665,114.1644287109375 + 22.275991903278484,114.16326999664306 + 22.276984712594963,114.16329145431518 + 22.277103849239367,114.16258335113525 + 22.276031615786447,114.16146755218506 + 22.276150753242706,114.1605019569397 + 22.276389027850754,114.15865659713745 + 22.27658758971405,114.15771245956421 + 22.27988367546437,114.16125297546387 |zoom=16 |center=22.277401690406368,114.16236877441406 |width=510px |height=350px |control=Small |type=Map]

It took under 2 minutes to make, here's how:

You can also create a map with markers or lines, just by choosing a different option from the "Click Map:" dropdown list.


It's a useful tool, but there are some limitations you should know of:

  • There's not a lot of documentation or support for this, so if you experiment with it's more advanced features and find something is broken, it is likely to stay that way
  • Once you publish a map, there's no way to go back and edit it. If you want to make a change, you'll need to re-create it from scratch. So this is best used for simple maps that only take a couple of minutes to draw.

There are some other ways to draw maps for If you're interested to know more, please leave a comment below and I'll come back to this topic again later.

Regards, David