Problems inserting photos when using Internet Explorer

Submitted by Admin on Mon, 11/11/2013 - 18:20

Moddsey reported the following problem:

Before I save and send, the photos and text appear in order.

After sending, there are large gaps between the photos. If I go into edit mode, the photographs only appear as a dot in the content.

I am on IE Windows 8.

I could repeat the problem using IE 10 on Windows 7.

I believe the problem is fixed now, but please let me know if you have any more problems inserting photos.

Regards, David


You asked what version of browser I'm using. My daughter advises me its Windows Internet Explorer version 8.

Thanks again for sorting out my problem.


I thought I'd fixed this, but another Gwulo contributor has just reported the same problem when using Internet Explorer 8.

I just tried it on my PC. It works ok for me if I use Internet Explorer 11 or Chrome, so one option could be to try those.

if that's not possible, a workaround is to go back and edit your comment and:

 - Click the "disable rich-text" link beneath the comment text

 - Then in the comment text look for the text "width=0" and edit it to "width=500"

 - click "save"

Then the photo will be as wide as the text.

Regards, David

Dear David,

Thank you for your advice.  I use Window Vista, IE version 10.  When I followed your "temporary workaround" method, it did not work out right.

Subsequently, I change to use Google Chrome as my browser, and I am able to enlarge my inserted photo(s) in my comments.  That solve my problem.  Thanks.