How to add links to other pages

Submitted by Admin on Thu, 01/22/2015 - 16:22

Links make it easy to show pages to other readers. So instead of writing:

You can find the answer on the FAQs page.

You can add a link so the reader just clicks the link and goes straight to the page you want:

You can find the answer on the FAQs page:

Another approach is to turn your text into a link:

You can find the answer on the FAQs page.

Where do I find the link?

Use your web browser to visit the page you want to link to, then look in the address bar at the top of your web browser. eg if you look right now, you should see the address:

Copy the address, and paste it into your text. While you're editing it will just look like any other text, but once you click "Save", it will automatically be converted to a link.

A tip - copy and paste the address for the best results. If you manually type in the address, it's easy to miss a character then the link won't work. Also if you miss part of the address it won't work. See which of these are valid links:

How do I turn text into a link?

How to make a link like this:

You can find the answer on the FAQs page.

Copy the address like you did before.

Write your text, then highlight the words that will become the link ("the FAQs page" in this example).

Click the "link" button in the editor. (It looks like threee links of chain). A window will pop up. Paste your address into the "URL" box and click OK. Your text is now a link.