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Submitted by David on Tue, 10/20/2009 - 15:52

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Adding images to comments for places works properly by clicking on the icons on the right hand side. This does not work for streets, neither using Microsoft Edge nor Firefox. Please check.

While searching for photos near Star Ferry Kowloon, if found duplicate places:

Star Ferry Terminal, TST (current generation) [1958- ]

Star Ferry Pier, Tsimshatsui [????-

Suggest to merge both.



Is there anyway to list images as thumbnails from the result of an image search? Currently when I search I'm presented with a list of image titles and have to click in to view. Am I missing a search setting or is it not an available function?

I just clicked on a link to 'Police Station at Sai Kung' in the latest newsletter, but it led me to a screen that was empty except for the message "You are not authorized to access this page."

I'm logged in, so  what's the problem?

In the Chronicle and Directory of China, Corea, Japan, Indo-China, Straits Settlements, Malay States, Netherlends India, Borneo, The Philippines &c, for the years 1901,1902 and 1903, there is a Miss Jones living in the Wesrbourne Villas on Botham Road. Does anyone have any information on the lady?  It is a long shot but she may be my Great Grand Aunt. Or not.


Can you "Create a Person" on this site for your Miss Jones and give us her first names and the possible dates that she might have been in Hong Kong and her birth and death dates? In "Where to find Hong Kong's History" in the lefthand column of this site you can also be taken to the link to the Carl Smith Records where you will find several ladies with the surname Jones. She is not listed in the 1904 Ladies Directory. I don't have the earlier ones.

I have looked, alas could not find the person's initial on the Carl Smith's record, :(   My great aunt Edith Jones got married in 17 December 1902 which is why it may be her. She would still be in the 1903 edition.  Again, just a long shot and thank you for replying. 

David, currently the "new comment" email doesn't work. Have I accidentally switched it off, or is there another problem? If I should have switched it off, how can I reinstall it.



Hi Klaus,

I've just made a quick test:

  1. I edited your account to change the email address to a gmail email account I use
  2. I added a test reply comment above
  3. I set your account's email address back to the original value.

The website log showed that the 'new comment' notification was sent, and I received the notification email in my gmail account.

So it looks as though the notification emails are being sent out correctly. Could they be blocked by your ISP, or put in a spam folder by your email client?

Regards, David