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How to connect a Place and a Photo

Connecting Photos and Places makes it easier for readers to learn more about the Places shown in a Photo, and to quickly see the photos we have that show a certain Place. eg here are all the photos on Gwulo that have been connected to the Place for Happy Valley Race Course.

There are two different ways to connect a Photo and a Place. The first technique works for photos you've uploaded, while the second works with any photo regardless of who uploaded it.

1. Connect a Photo that you've uploaded


2. Connect any Photo


Hi David, the connection of a place to someone's photo is a very valuable tool and I won't miss it. But sometimes mistakes happen, so to me. I added Star Ferry Pier 3rd gen. to a photo, but it should have been 2nd gen. I saw that immediately after pressing "Add connection", but it was too late.

Is there any possibility to "undo" this entry while the file is still open? Regards, Klaus

Hi Klaus,

If you're the author of the photo or the place, you can edit it and delete the mistaken connection.

Otherwise, just leave a comment on the photo or place page explaining the problem, and I'll delete the connection and the comment when I see it.

Regards, David