How to connect a Place and a Photo

Submitted by David on Tue, 03/28/2017 - 03:18

Connecting Photos and Places makes it easier for readers to learn more about the Places shown in a Photo, and to quickly see the photos we have that show a certain Place. eg here are all the photos on Gwulo that have been connected to the Place for Happy Valley Race Course.

There are two different ways to connect a Photo and a Place. The first technique works for photos you've uploaded, while the second works with any photo regardless of who uploaded it.

1. Connect a Photo that you've uploaded


2. Connect any Photo

Hi David, the connection of a place to someone's photo is a very valuable tool and I won't miss it. But sometimes mistakes happen, so to me. I added Star Ferry Pier 3rd gen. to a photo, but it should have been 2nd gen. I saw that immediately after pressing "Add connection", but it was too late.

Is there any possibility to "undo" this entry while the file is still open? Regards, Klaus