How to paste plain text without any formatting

Submitted by Admin on Fri, 09/15/2017 - 15:44

If you're copying text from another document and pasting into a new page or comment on Gwulo, it's best to paste it as plain text. Pasting text copied from Word is especially error-prone.

Here are three ways to paste plain text without any formatting. I'll assume you've already copied the text to the clipboard, and are just about to paste it into Gwulo.

1. Use the browser's keyboard shortcut

If you're using the Chrome or Firefox browser, it is very easy. Instead of using ctrl-v to paste, use shift-ctrl-v

2. Use Gwulo's "Paste as plain text" button

When you're editing text on Gwulo, above the text is a grey box with lots of buttons. Near the top-left corner you should see a button that looks like a pair of scissors. Look to the right to see three buttons that look like tiny clipboards. The one in the middle shows a "T". Click it to "Paste as plain text". A window pops up where you paste your text and click OK, then the plain text, without any formatting is inserted into the text you were editing.

3. Use Notepad

Using Notepad as an intermediate step will also strip out all the formatting. So first you paste your text into Notepad, then select it all and copy it. Now when yo paste it into Gwulo, it is just the plain text.