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European House #24, Cheung Chau [????- ]

From A-brief-history-of-MIC.pdf:

On the 26 Nov 1926 the bungalow, No 24 Chung Chau, was sold by Randall Vickers and Mabel R Vickers to the Missionary Society in ‘natural love and affection’. Now known as Wesley Lodge, and it is part of the Methodist Church, Hong Kong.

Photos that show this place


The outline of the building on the modern map looks very similar to the outline on the 1930s map. Compare


Also the satellite view shows what looks to be the shadows of chimneys on a flat roof, which matches the view in the old photos.

If true, is this the last of the pre-war European houses still standing?

The brick facing is a modern addition:

Wesley Lodge
Wesley Lodge, by mellor1949

But the arch and pillar on the right look the same as in this photo from the 1950s:

HK 051.jpg
HK 051.jpg, by Scott Boyle