1939 Cheung Chau Island - the bungalows

Wed, 01/25/2023 - 05:42

Mildred Dibden started taking in abandoned babies in 1936. As her baby numbers grew (32 in 1938) she moved to a holiday bungalow belonging to the Clifts on Cheung Chau (from 1938-40) , (just in picture middle left I think) before moving her family (49 babies) to open The Fanling Babies' Home in the New Territories in 1940.  By the end of 1940 she had 61 children and a staff of 16, and at the start of the war in 1941 numbers had grown to 98 babies.  Tragically 60 of the youngest babies were lost in the first 6 months of the war. They were buried in the grounds of the mansion. 

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1939 (year is approximate)
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