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European House #27, Cheung Chau [????- ]

Earlier notes about this building.


Base on the map, the present day location of House #27 is the Xavier House, Ignatian Retreat Centre.  It is still be listed as #27, Peak Road, Cheung Chau.  The main entrance is on the Tin Fok Pavilion side.  There is a back door facing #27A, however.


Many thanks tngan. Is this the original house or a newish building?


The location marked House #27 in the old map is not the main building of the present day Xavier House.  Its location appeared to be sort of an annex to Xavier House which looked like a kitchen of sort.  The building looked post WWII.  If you refer to recent maps or the Map Search of Hong Kong Map Service, you should be able to compare see it clearly.

Actually there are a few photos at the Xavier House' Website showing the house sitting where House #27 used to be.  Please go to the link and scroll down to the photo of Fr. Walling SJ.  The building right behind him is the one.

Tung Lin:

There is a photo from one of the 'gordon670' photo gallery ,which has the original house #27 stands right in the centre of the photo with a newer building nearby. To view this photo,as your homework, please do google search on

" cheung chau island 1959 gordon670"

and pick the one  as described above.

Compare of today's scenario, you maybe able to figure out  lots of  the changes had happened since.

The 1959 photo of cheung chau has the House #27 right in the picture centre, as it was the only building situated on top of the  small hill surrounded by a cluster of pine trees and various flowering plants.

Nearby and partially hidden from the sight, there is also a new, and much larger building ,supposed to be an expansion of the #27's institute. By the way, House #30 was known as the Radar Station and had staffs in military uniform visiting regularly. Upper part of this photo was also the flight path for all air traffic flying to Kai Tak. Most of the planes would lower the landing gears from above the noth-side of House #30 and # 27, on a would-be landing descent toward the Police Station, passing over  so low like only one or two hundred feet airborne .Once the plane left the island airspace, it would retract the landing gear and climb up for a normal flight at a much higher altitute to Kai Tak Airport.


The photo Tung Lin mentions is at:

Photos that show this place




About the famous Houses in the Fairy Well area of Cheung Chau.

The House #27 appeared in the photo of   ' '    as the one in the left of the foreground. The picture must be taken from a higher ground around the site of Houses #29 and #30. Its background in this photo , maybe  1/3 miles away, would be the European Houses on top of the ridge by Kwun Yum Wan. From here to the West was the London Mission  and couple more missionary houses. 

The other foreground house  by the middle, ignoring the one under construction near the photo's bottom line is the House #28,  as found out recently on new information.  I still have some memory based on the childhood pastime  in this particular area. 

At around 1960s, as in Gordon670's photo , ' '  in which both Houses of #27 and a bigger building were added to the #27 site. So stood two Houses on the same lot. Due to the quietness of the building group one can consider the area as a college campus or a retreat site on the island prior to the Caritas in the Fa Peng area.

I have a family photo posted in reply of  Laura's ' Mysterious Rocks on Cheung Chau ' which is likely taken from the same site or nearby. You can google search and see that photo. There was no property fencings in those years, and people could be free to trespass around as few would meet any trouble.

Today one of the two Houses on Lot #27  has been long gone and the Tin Fook Villas are standing below its backyard, the roll-off of hill there.  What remains on this site today is the Xavier  Retreat House. The property seems to be the biggest land user in the Fairy Well area.

It is good to remember the old beautiful hills. I can hear the sound of music coming from there, all the times.

Don't you?


Some information about T.H. Rousseau who is listed as residing in #27: