New on Gwulo: 2020, week 18

Submitted by David on Sat, 05/02/2020 - 17:00

I've listed some of the recent highlights below, but you can visit the What's New page at any time to see the latest additions to the site.



  • Shipping R.S.I.L. Calcutta inspection covers to Hong Kong in the 1950s
  • The Holland Engineering & Trading Co. Ltd. [1965-1993]
  • Nick is looking for information about conditions in Tai Hang during the fighting in December 1941.
  • The 3,000th Gwulo book was sold in the last two weeks. Between bookshops, Amazon, and Gwulo's online shop I don't know which was the order that passed this latest milestone, but in any case it is good news.
    If you're planning to buy a copy of the Gwulo book in Hong Kong, local booksellers have faced a tough time in recent months and would really appreciate your purchase. You can find Gwulo's books in Bleak House Books, Blue Lotus Gallery, Bookazine, Hong Kong Book Centre, HK Maritime Museum Gift Shop, Kelly & Walsh, St John's Cathedral Bookstore, and Swindon Book Co.
    Overseas readers can order from Gwulo's online shop or (affiliate link).
  • Where were the opening scenes of You Only Live Twice filmed? The logo on this gentleman's glass gives the answer:
    You Only Live Twice Opening Credits Royal HK Yacht Club
    You Only Live Twice Opening Credits, by PaulB










Pillbox 313
Pillbox 313, by Kenneth P


2010 Central Magistracy
2010 Central Magistracy, by Moddsey


2010 Ohel Leah Synagogue
2010 Ohel Leah Synagogue, by Moddsey


2010 Tai Sun Street, Cheung Chau (Old Cast Iron Street Sign)
2010 Tai Sun Street, Cheung Chau (Old Cast Iron Street Sign), by Moddsey


TST Star Ferry and bus terminus with Canadian Pacific liner
TST Star Ferry and bus terminus with Canadian Pacific liner, by Klaus


Aerial view of Central
Aerial view of Central, by Paulo


Hall-Scott- Motor Coach with Trailer
Hall-Scott- Motor Coach with Trailer, by Chinarail ( Enhanced scan from The Far Eastern Review Dec.1922)


1930 Salisbury Road
1930 Salisbury Road, by Moddsey


Tolo Harbour (2).jpg
Tolo Harbour (2).jpg, by William Richmond Fell


Pillbox 315 shutter base
Pillbox interior, by Kenneth P


Tai Po Market Station (Temporary Structure)
Tai Po Market Station (Temporary Structure), by Chinarail ( by kind permission of the Royal Engineers Library)


KCR Steam Locmotive No.26 on Turntable at Hung Hom
KCR Steam Locmotive No.26 on Turntable at Hung Hom, by Chinarail (Collection )


1920s Aberdeen, by eternal1966e


SHEUM'S CIRCUS-Kowloon City Bus Terminus
SHEUM'S CIRCUS-Kowloon City Bus Terminus, by IDJ




4th Flotilla Submarines at Tolo.jpg
4th Flotilla Submarines at Tolo.jpg, by William Richmond Fell




Peak cafe
Peak cafe, by Roy Gilliams


Cream album 030.jpg
Mike Lovatt - Roger Moore's body double in HK, by Kirsty Norman


Straße in Hongkong Mitte des XIX. Jahrhunderts, 香港, Hong Kong, British colonial era, by Ireck Litzbarski Collection


1960s King's Road, by eternal1966e


Cases of wet beri-beri
Cases of wet beri-beri in Stanley Camp, by Alexandra Talbot


1958 4.5.6. Shanghai Restaurant, by Eternal1966


Margrate (Peggy) McDaid Kai Tak airport.jpeg
Margrate (Peggy) McDaid Kai Tak airport.jpeg, by Mary McDaid


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