Gilbert Easthope BUDDEN [1919-1942]

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Gilbert Easthope

Son of Mrs M. Budden.


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Commonwealth War Graves Commission Records

Corporal Gilbert Easthorpe Budden Hong Kong Defence Corps died 11 October 1942

Son of Henry Easthorpe Budden and Maggie Budden of Cosham Hampshire

Prisoners of War Cards gives date of birth 11 October 1917

Headstone 4 January 1919

National Archives Prisoners of War 1715 - 1945 Reference   CO 980/138 records him as having been on board the Lisbon Maru


Forces War Records - the archive reference was from 'Ron Bridge's Collection' under the collection of 'British and Imperial Prisoners of War held by the Japanese WWII FEPOW'

Name: Gilbert Easthope Budden

DOB: 4th February 1919

Nationality: British 

Date of death: 11th October 1942

Date of Capture: 25th December 1941

Rank: Corporal

POW Camp: Shamshuipo

Service Number: 2965

Duty Location: Hong Kong

Next of Kin: Parents: Henry E. (Shamshuipo) & Maggie Budden (Stanley)

Service: British Army

Primary Unit: Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps

Commerorated: Stanley

Campaign Medals: 1) War Medal (1939-1945) 2) 1939-45 Star



A European lad, Gilbert Budden, was injured on Saturday afternoon when a motor-cycle combination driven by Mr. W.A. Buckingham and in the side car of which he was travelling, overturned on the round-the-Island road.

The incident occurred while the machine was turning a bend some 600 yards from the Repulse Bay Hotel and approaching the Shaukiwan Road. As the machine overturned, both Mr. Buckingham, and the lad were thrown from their seats.

The latter suffered injuries which necessitated his being taken to the Victoria Hospital by Mr. Buckingham. A police report states he is not in a serious condition.

Mr. Buckingham, who is employed at the Royal Naval Yard, has reported the accident to the police."

Source: The Hong Kong Telegraph, page 1, 11th May 1931



Accident to Boy Near Repulse Bay.


A motor accident, which resulted in injuries being sustained by a boy named Gilbert Budden, occurred on the Island Road at 2.30 o'clock on Saturday afternoon. 

The motor cycle, a combination, was being driven by Mr. W.A. Buckingham, of the Royal Naval Dockyard. When rounding a bend about 600 yards distant from Repulse Bay Hotel, the cycle overturned, throwing Master Budden out of the side car. 

The lad received slight injuries to his head, and was taken to Victoria Hospital for treatment. His condition is not serious."

Source: The China Mail, page 1, 11th May 1931 

Little bit puzzling as to the actual accident locus. “600 yards from the Repulse Bay Hotel and approaching the Shaukiwan Road.” Would this be on Repulse Bay Rd heading towards Stanley?

Good point Tideswell27. I must admit I didn't look into the details of the accident location at the time but I think you're right. The following is a map from 1928 for the area and I think it's probably at the centre of the circled area or thereabouts from the newspaper reports.

Island Road Hong Kong 1928
. Island Road Hong Kong 1928, by eurasian_david

Source: HK Maps or

I’m thinking the Shaukiwan Road was a misnomer. It probably meant the road from Wong Nai Chung Gap Road. Shaukiwan Road is nowhere near.