Pillbox 217, Shatin Catchwater [1937- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Pillbox 217, Shatin Catchwater [1937- ]

Current condition: 
Date Place completed: 

Year completed is: Approximate
Condition at last visit: Ruin
Date of last visit: Dec-1995
Ref: ROB-00534


Came across a big marker stone on the Wilson Trail, very close to this pillbox, without realizing it was that close. For the yellow dot showed that it's further downhill close to a residence. However, when we ventured passed a tomb and some garbage bags, came to a wide trench (perhaps a collapsed tunnel), which meant that the pillbox was at the other end. So we followed the trench for several metres, then there was the pillbox.

From the satellite map of this website, the pillbox should be near a white square close to the catchwater, instead of further downhill beside a rectangular building.

Coordinates : 50QKK1058075962

22.365289, 114.1896684

P_20200403_PB217.jpg, by H.Lo


PB217_3.JPG, by ck89

You were probably there under better sunlight than I did, I only reached there after 5p.m. cheeky