Tai Hang Village, CWB, c.1941 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Tai Hang Village, CWB, c.1941

Eighty years is a long way to be looking back, but it is natural that I should continue to take an interest in where my wife, then aged three, lived when the Japanese attacked HK in December 1941. It is of particular interest because it was in Tai Hang village while waiting to draw water from the village stand pipe ( I understand  by that time the mains in the area had already been destroyed) her mother was killed by shell fire. For some reason we delayed our first visit to the  village until about two years ago when we were on a short holiday in HK and quite naturally found no trace of the 1941 community but it did help in a certain way to bring a kind of closure for us.

What I need to know is whether records for the deaths of local, native people were  kept up until the time of the Christmas Day surrender, and also whether any mention has ever been made in history books of the fighting in the Tai Hang Village area. North Point, very much so, but that is the closest the stories go. Did the Japanese advance up Stubbs Road or Tai Hang Road, etc., etc.

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