George Bernard WITCHELL [c.1892-????]

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George Bernard
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George Bernard Witchell m. Anne (Dolly) Witchell had 2 daughters - Eileen and Norah. Only Norah was interned. May Witchell and Maud Phillipens were sisters and their father was Robert Charles Witchell who died before the war. Their mother Violet moved back to England before the war. George B. Witchell, Robert Charles Witchell and Edie (Edith) Southerton were three of Job witchell's children. 

George is definitely not the parent of May Ride nee Witchell but was a very beloved uncle.

Passenger List Hong Kong to San Francisco arriving 24 June 1929

Travelling together -

George Bernard Witchell age 11 student born  Saigon French Indo China nationality English

[date of birth about 1918]

Audrey Witchell age 18 student born  Saigon French Indo China nationality English

Was Audrey his sister?

California Chinese Arrival Case Files

George Bernard Witchell male born 1917 Indo China arrived 26 June 1929 on Tayo Maru

Case Number 28095/003 - 03

British Army Service Records WWI

George Bernard Witchell age at  enlistment 22 residence East View Wootton Under Edge Gloucestershire.  Spouse Annie Frances Ada Newell Marriage Registry Office Woolwich 29 May 1915

Passenger List Hong Kong to Southampton November 1945

George B Witchell 53 Engr Supt

Annie F Witchell 51

Norah E Witchell 23 stenographer

Address in UK 111 Bridgewater Road Alperton Wembley

Passenger List August 1946 Devonport to Hong Kong

George Bernard Witchell 54 engineer

Passenger List Singapore to Southampton arriving 2 May 1951

George Bernard Witchell 58 engineering

Annie F A Witchell 57

New Zealand Burial Records Tauranga Thames Valley Bay of Plenty Buffalo New Zealnd

George Bernard Witchell age 60 died Tauranga Auckland 1952

I have his name as George Douglas Witchell b. 1916 in Saigon. His father was James Henry Witchell b. 1884 Hong Kong a full write up about him can be found under Hong Kong's First by Rudi Butt.His mother was Mabel (nee Goodfellow). Dorothy Audrey was his sister who went by the name Audrey (typical Witchell practice)She was b. 1914 in Saigon. They had 2 other children : Cecil James Witchell b. 1911 Saigon and Percy Witchell b.1912 Saigon.

Audrey was Dorothy Audrey Witchell, daughter of James Henry Witchell and was born in 1914. George Bernard was her younger brother born in 1912. They were travelling to San Francisco to live with their mother Mabel May (Goodfellow) Witchell who had divorced James Henry Witchell in 1920 and lived in San Francisco!!  I am a daughter of Dorothy Audrey Witchell.  Best Regards Margaret Ann McNutt

I am G B Witchell's grandson born in Kowloon hospital in 1953. Son of Eileen Alice Mary sister to Norah Evelyn.

Eileen was not interned in Stanley Camp because she was moved to Singapore by Charles Drage who she worked for and was in SIS and eventually found herself in SOE. She returned to Hong Kong with my father, Henry Francis Bolland after the War where I was born a few years after my sister Deborah. The family moved to the UK in 1955