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1957: Jungle Gym in Maple Street Playground, Kowloon - Can you see Christopher?

1957: Maple Street Playground, Kowloon. C with his back to us

1957: Professor Stock's wife Gwen's nursery school on university compound.

1957: Southorn Playground

1957: Southorn Playground

1923: 1923 Survey of Western District

1894: Mountain Lodge 1st Generation

1957: 19 Mile Beach. New Territories.

1957: Aberdeen

1957: Aberdeen

1957: Ah Hing + Ah Moy on the balcony of our flat.

1957: Fishpond in the compound. Some Goulds + C.

1957: Stop me and buy one. The ice cream man at Deep Water Bay.

1957: Tennis pavilion - The compound.

1957: University

1957: New Territories. Rice + Wheat fields.

1957: University

1957: Old V. Chancellors lodge 1957. Our palatial residence once again. We are upstairs above the fishpond.

1957: On a forbidden road in Shatin. Very pretty. By a reservoir + Government property.

1957: Our block of flats. Were at the bottom.

1957: Our flat. 2 verandahs bottom right Hs shirt hanging up in the window.

1957: Our flats. Our verandah second one down in front - "Missie upstairs" (the noisy one) waving on their back verandah.

1957: Playing FORFEITS in the compound. Cherry Wilson on Cs right.