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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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1898: Portrait F.B. s'Jacob, Shanghai ca. 1898, by Ying Cheong

: Harbor view from Victoria Peak 1960s

: Loading cargo by hand at Ocean Terminal TST 1960s

: Repulse Bay Hotel front lawn 1967

: The author gets shoe shine on Nathan Road 1960s

: My father at Peninsula Hotel 60th anniversary 1988

: The author being "pulled in" to Nathan Road topless bar 1960s

: Lock Road facing Kowloon Park 1960s

: The author pulling rickshaw from Star Ferry terminal TST 1960s

: View of Hotel Peninsula from Ambassador Hotel on Nathan Road 1970s

: George White photo.jpg

1910: Postcard Hong Kong; Happy Valley during a Race Meeting. Hongkong.

1885: c.1885 - Sergeant

1885: c.1885 - Three sergeants

1885: c.1885 - Lance corporal

: Stanley Battery

: Stanley Battery

: Stanley Battery

1950: Bishops Lodge Peak Ruin

1950: Bishops Lodge Peak Ruin

1867: c.1867 / 1880 - Sailor

1867: c.1868 - Western man with a splendid beard!

1889: c.1889 - Western couple

1872: 1872 - Western man

1884: 1884 - Maggie Watson Bain