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Recently added photos of old Hong Kong

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: Jenny of Jenny's Side Party H.K..jpg

: Jenny's Side Party at work 1971.jpg

: Peak Tram Hong Kong 1971.jpg

: Victoria Harbour from Peak with HMS Tamar at Top of Picture.jpg

: Red Lips Bar Kowloon 1970.jpg

: Wanchai Street Scene early 70's.jpg

: Repulse Bay Hong Kong.jpg

: Boilers provide hot water to ships Alongside.JPG

: Star Ferry H.K. 1970's.jpg

: China Fleet Club Hong Kong 1971.jpg

: Daimaru Department Sore Hong Kong 1975.jpg

: HMS Leopard Hong Kong Squadron.JPG

: HMS Tamar 1976.jpg

: HMS Tamar Hong Kong (2).jpg

: Shophouses Butting Against New Building

: The former Imperial Cinema

: Public Light Bus 19 Seats

: Silvercord Cinema - Sign-Poster at Entrance

: Merryland Theatre - with exterior sign

: South China Theatre - corner

: Tokyo Theatre

2017: C.E. Warren & Co. Ltd. headed notepaper

1978: Lock Road

1978: Cornwall Avenue

1970: Good Luck