1955? Argyle-Prince Edward

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:49

I would guess this photo was taken sometime between the 1950 one and the colour one.

Date picture taken


The picture is full of memories. Starting on the left, Kowloon City Police Station accommodation block at 90 degrees to the road. I lived in Flat 3 at this time, the flats are out of sight. The Station was a 2 story building out of sight parallel with the road. KGV School is below the LHS horizon.  Below that it the hill which was being quaried for granite and had a scrp vehicle yard and was a former chinese graveyard. The "Block" to the LHS of the Police block is a granite wall facing a cutting at the bottom of which was an Army Barracks and a Market garden which bordered Argyle Street. There is the hill separating KGV from Argyle Stree and a block of service flats on the LHS of Argyle Street.  Nest is a row of nissan huts of the barracks and above on the sky line one of the hospital blocks of Kowloon General Hospital.In the foreground is a water storage tank on the lawn in front of the bus. The 3 or 4 story building on the LHS of Prince Edward Road was a private hospital, where my friend Simeon had his appendix taken out.The building at the bottom right edge of the photo was a pre war building with the pavement under the first floor.  My barbers was there. On the horizon on the LHS of Prince Edward Road you can see Kadoorie Avenue , opposite St Theresa's Church on the RHS. The Peak is in the distance on the LHS horizon.