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Barbara BUDDEN [????- ]


Daughter of Mrs M. Budden.

Barbara Anslow:

Barbara Budden's father, and brother Gilbert, had died as in the Kowloon camp and were buried in that area.  I had shared a double desk with Gilbert at the Garrison School in 1928.

When we returned to Hong Kong in 1946,  I went with Barbara to take flowers to the graves.   There was a public scheme for the re-internment of war victims, but relatives who so wished could make private arrangements to have their dead interred in a particular cemetery: Barbara and her mother had their beloved re-interred in Happy Valley.


Siblings of Barbara BUDDEN [????- ]


I am Barbara Budden's daughter and was born in Kowloon Hospital in 1951. From this you may guess that Mum and Granny returned to HK after some home leave. Mum returned to her position with the Govenor until her marriage in 1950 and Granny ran a hostel for single ladies called The Hermitage. I think Auntie Barbara Anslow stayed there. I have more details of dates etc. and Grandad's note book from his time at Shamshipo. There is an error in the family entry. My Granny was actually christened Maggie not Margaret.

I also have some photos of pre war HK. They need some sorting out but if you are interested I can send copies as I sort.

Thanks for getting in touch. I've corrected your Grandmother's page.

Any other dates, & stories about their time in Hong Kong will be gladly received. Ditto for pre-war photos. Are you ok to upload photos straight to the site (here's how) ? If not we can work out some other way to get them online.

Regards, David