'The Bungalow, Cheung Chau' 1939

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The Clifts, along with other European missionaries, owned a bungalow on Cheung Chau.  This is at Nam Tam Wan.  These bungalows were sturdily built because they stood on the higher points of the island for the views and sea breezes, but had to be strong to withstand the typhoon season.  This one has what looks like a low wall built on the lower portion of the roof to hold the tiles (and roof) in place.

Date picture taken
1939 (year is approximate)
Shows place(s)


The 1938 map shows a "Dr Cleft" at house 18A, which we believe was Dr Clift's house: https://gwulo.com/node/59253#17~22.20340~114.03450~Map_by_GovHK-Markers…

The houses shown in the photo above don't obviously match up with alignment of 18A on the map, so they may be different. Another photo of these houses (https://gwulo.com/media/17485) identifies them as 28 and 27.

We need a sharp photo of the broader area to help pin down exactly what was where.

'Houston we have a problem...!'

All I can say is that in Mildred's album, the inscription to the pic (above) reads, 'The bungalow, Cheung Chou (sic) Island.' so I took it that it was the Clifts' bungalow and that it was the bungalow in the foreground.

The inscription for the other pic (below) reads, 'Cheung Chou Island - the bungalows' so I assumed the Clifts' bungalow was one of those shown in the pic, and left hand side middle was the one resembling the main bungalow in pic 1.

Are we thinking that the Clift's bungalow (18A) is one of those I have arrowed?

1939 The Bungalows at Nam Tam Wan
1939 The Bungalows at Nam Tam Wan, by Aldi

 I have this pic with the title 'Christmas 1939'.  1939 has to be Cheung Chau so we would need a bungalow with steps to the front, which my 'Clifts' bungalow' doesn't have.

1939 Christmas
1939 Christmas, by Aldi




The arrowed house in the centre of this photo looks to be at the same location as 18A on the map:

1939 The Bungalows at Nam Tam Wan
1939 The Bungalows at Nam Tam Wan, by Aldi


That builiding is appx half-way down the hillside, so it doesn't look like a match for the buildings in the main photo, which are at the top of a hill:

'The Bungalow, Cheung Chau' 1939
The Bungalows, Cheung Chau 1939, by Aldi

Thank you for those thoughts.  I'm attaching the pic from the album with inscription to see what you (or anyone) make(s) of it.....  

The bungalow Cheung Chou Island
The bungalow Cheung Chou, by Aldi