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I served in HK from April 1954 to September 1956.   I was an RAF Police Dog Handler and friends knew me as 'Curly Watson'.  It could be that anyone seeing that name might remember me but, as I'm almost 88, it's unlikely that there are many still around.

My first posting was to RAF Kai Tak but, after some months, I was sent to RAF Sek Kong.   There, I did night patrols with my police dog Flash and also at the sub-site radar unit, RAF Ping Shan (this was about 10 miles down the road from Sek Kong and on the oposite side of Yeun Long).  Finally I was posted to RAF Mount Davis, which was a radar site on a hill at the far west end of the island, above Kennedy Town and overlooking Green Island.

During a recent clear-out I took some old photo albums to pieces.  I scanned the many photos into my computer and have since tried to make them as detailed as I can.   My eyes are not very good now as I see things as if through a soft focus lens so I hope that they are acceptable.

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