1902: "The Queen Victoria Jubilee Monument and the Hongkong Club"

The Queen Victoria Jubilee Monument and the Hongkong Club

Where: It's the view across Statue Square [1], with Queen Victoria's statue [2] in the foreground, and the Hongkong Club [3] beyond.

Between the two we can see an untidy patch of land. It would get worse before it got better, as by 1909 the area had acquired a brick oven, two simmering cauldrons of coal tar, and ...

"an unsightly conglomeration of ramshackle and tattered matsheds, piles of rotting poles, odds and ends of old timbers, untidy heaps of granite chippings, weed-grown stacks of bricks; cook-houses— other outhouses —all the stagnant squalor which collects in a builder’s yard. [4]"

By then the end was in sight, and once the nearby building projects were completed, the area was finally grassed over.

Hongkong Club & Queen Victoria's statue

After the First World War, it was chosen as the

2017-02 RTHK's Hong Kong Heritage - Dan Waters' books at 41 Conduit Road

Gwulo takes to the airwaves! Annemarie Evans invited me on to her show, Hong Kong Heritage, where we chatted about the late Dan Waters' book collection, sidetracked into hunting & trapping in Hong Kong, then returned to Dan's apartment and its connection to the film Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing.

Here is the link to listen to the show: 

Below I've included links to more information about the topics we discussed, with the time as it is shown on the podcast player. Then at the bottom of the page is the usual round-up of new pages and questions on Gwulo this week.

Thanks to Annemarie for inviting me on to her show. I see her list of past 'Hong Kong Heritage' episodes has a new look with a short description and a photo for each one, making it much easier to browse through and find something that you're interested in: Visit the RTHK website to view the list of episodes.

Regards, David

More information about the topics discussed


1950s "A suburb view in Hong Kong"

1950s "A suburb view in Hong Kong"

When: This comes from the same set as the recent photo of the YMCA and the Peninsula Hotel in TST, and should be taken around the same time in the 1950s. There's a personal connection between the two photos, which we'll look at in the "Who:" below.


What: Over at the right of the photo, there looks to be a "San Miguel" sign on the

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Best wishes to you and your family in the year of the rooster.

Trademark - "Cock Brand"


This rooster comes from a 1930s application to register it as a trademark. He was to be used "in respect of Raisins, rolled oats, canned sardines, canned abalone and pearl barley". Quite a versatile fellow!

I like looking at the old trademark designs. Some are simple but effective, like this design for

1924 Seventeen years with the Hong Kong Canton & Macao Steamboat Company

Book / Document: 

This week's newsletter is an extract from Captain Thomas Pritchard's memoirs. He wrote them, and drew the sketches, while interned by the Japanese in Stanley Camp. Sadly he died in the Camp in 1944, but a friend kept the document safe, and delivered it to Captain Pritchard's family in North Wales after the war. If you're interested in ships and the sea, I recommend you read the full memoir, which starts with him working on sailing ships in the 1890s.

In June 1924 I joined the Hong Kong Canton & Macao Steamboat Company River Steamer but considered to be the best (one of the best) Company on the coast - home leave every five years, the wages similar to B.&.Swires ((Butterfield & Swires)), safe navigation money, etc to the Captains. There were five steamers two on the Hong Kong Macao run and three on the Hong Kong, Canton run, running in conjunction with the B.& S. Co. In fact B. & S. controlled it and their Superintendent supervised the ships. I joined the Paddle Steamer Honam to commence with, an old Steamer but she could travel about 16 knots. I was 2nd Officer but the ships were well kept and good food, bed linen, towels etc. - in fact - as good as being in a 1st. Class Hotel.

S.S. Honam. Hongkong , Canton & Macao Steamers (advertisement)
s.s. Honam, by Chinarail


It did not take me long until


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