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PS 'Gwu lo' is roughly how '古老' sounds in Cantonese. It means 'ancient' or 'old-fashioned'.

c.1927 Victoria Harbour

c.1927 Victoria Harbour

Where: I'm curious to know where the photographer stood to take this photo. The buildings in the foreground will help us work that out.

Buildings in foreground


London lunchtime meetup, 21st Feb. Click for details.


The building closest to the camera is the one with three domes decorating the front of it. 

Building with domes


I don't recognise that building, but the group at the bottom of the hill are more familiar. This terrace of buildings was near the start of Queen's Road East.

New on Gwulo: 2018, week 05

A summary of the last week's new and updated:



Looking for information about:

  • Laura Jane DRANSFIELD [????-????] and Shirley Anne HEWITT [c.1931- ], who both lived on Broadwood Road pre-WW2.
  • Can you identify anyone in this photo of KGV Prefects 1953-54 (click the photo to see who has already been named):
    KGV Prefects 1953-54
    KGV Prefects 1953-54, by franwall


Memories of:

History Notes, issue 2

Issue 2 of History Notes was compiled by the late Phillip Bruce, and published as a printed booklet in 1989. My favourite article is Dan Waters's recollections of his experiences as a 'Desert Rat' in WW2, but there are all sorts of other interesting Hong Kong history topics covered including cauliflower ears, knobbly knees, and hogs' heads:

Many thanks to Mr Bruce's family for letting me re-publish the booklet here on Gwulo, to give it a second lease of life and introduce it to a new audience.

Does anyone know if any later issues of History Notes were published? I know of the separate Military History Notes, but have only seen issues 1 & 2 of History Notes

Book type: 

New on Gwulo: 2018-04

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Looking for information about:

Memories of:

1930s, The Volunteers

1930s, The Volunteers


Where: This is a distinctive building, so it's an easy one to identify:

VDC Headquarters
VDC Headquarters, by annelisec


It was the headquarters building for the


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