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PS 'Gwu lo' is roughly how '古老' sounds in Cantonese. It means 'ancient' or 'old-fashioned'.

1950s Hong Kong - 1,000+ photos from the 367 Association

Here are a few highlights from the 1,000+ photos of 1950s Hong Kong that have recently been added to Gwulo. You can find out more about where they came from at the bottom of the page.


City scenes

Fire., by  Albert Hunt (1958-59) 


Case Shop and family
Case Shop and family, by Gordon Bell (1953-54)


Rickshaw fully loaded.
Rickshaw fully loaded., by David Green (1960-61)


Cheero Club.
Cheero Club., by Ted Ball (1953-57)


e Chow Stalls Alan Parr.
e Chow Stalls Alan Parr., by Alan Parr (1960-61)


Wan Chai. Gloucester Road quay, China Fleet Club.JPG
Wan Chai. Gloucester Road quay, China Fleet Club.JPG, by Andrew Suddaby (1957-58)


Five rickshaws in rain.
Five rickshaws in rain., by Malcolm Trousdale (1951-53)

New on Gwulo: 2019, week 23

A look at what's been added / updated at Please click on the photos or the blue links for more information - and please leave a comment if you can add any new details.


Dates for your diary

20th June - HK - Gwulo talk #1. I'll present the first talk to members of the Royal Geographical Society (RGS), but non-members are also very welcome to attend. We'll use the JC Cube theatre at Tai Kwun, so I'm looking forward to that as I haven't presented there before.
To check if you've seen this talk before, here are some of the photos I'll show. You can think of it as the live version of Volume 1 of my books.
Pre-booking is required for this event, via the online booking form on the RGS website. The event is also listed on the Tai Kwun website.
Hope to see you there!






Talk #5: Hong Kong people

31st May update: The RAS have let me know they have full house for tomorrow's talk, so booking for this is now closed.

I’m putting the finishing touches to a new talk I’ll give this Saturday, June 1st. It’ll be great to see you there if you can join us. Please click here for details & booking.


The talk is based around old photos that show people in Hong Kong. I’ve gone through my collection, scanning copies of all the photos with a “people” theme. To help keep the numbers manageable I’ve only chosen photos taken in or before the 1940s. The collage above shows 50 of them, but there are about 160 in all.

Next followed several weeks spent juggling the photos, looking for the stories that link them together. Some are obvious choices, e.g. a series of street life scenes that includes my favourite in this talk,

New on Gwulo: 2019, week 20

A look at what's been added / updated at Please click on the photos or the blue links for more information - and please leave a comment if you can add any new details.


Dates for your diary

18th May - London - Barbara Anslow. If you couldn't get a seat at Barbara's sold-out talk to the Hong Kong Society, there's another chance to hear her speak on Saturday. Click for details.

1st June - HK - New Gwulo talk. I've been working my way through my collection, scanning in photos that fit the "people" theme of the new talk. Most of them haven't been shown on the Gwulo website before, so expect plenty of new photos & stories. Click for details.






Route Twisk [1953- ]

Named after: The initials of the places at each end of the road, Tsuen Wan and Sek Kong. The new Route Twisk, shown in blue, was a much more direct connection than the old route, shown in red.


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