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Associations, Clubs & Societies

Here are a few I can think of that are interested in one or more aspects of Hong Kong's history. What others are out there?

  • Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch
    You can attend many of their talks without membership, but being a member also allows you to join their organised outings, gets you a copy of their annual journal, and lets you borrow books from their extensive collection. Recommended.
    Visit their website.
  • The Conservancy Association
    "The Conservancy Association, founded in 1968, is the non-government environmental organisation with the longest history in Hong Kong". One of their areas of interest is the preservation of Hong Kong's heritage.
    Visit their website.
  • Hong Kong Railway Society
    "The main objective of the society is to have a group of people who enjoy railways get together and meet new friends who have similar interests. As a result, members will be able to learn about railways in general."
    Visit their website.


IDJ's mention of yahoo groups reminded me I'd missed another one: "This group is about the Stanley Internment Camp in Hong Kong during World War 2." It's an interesting read if you are looking for information about Hong Kong at that time.
Visit their website.

I was browsing Ordinary Gwei Lo's site the other day ( and found a comment by someone called Mike McNamara about a website that is trying to link up ex-Royal Navy Staff who served at the Joint Services Transmitting Station on Stonecutters Island.

They have website:

The site mentions they have some photos on FLICKR which can be accessed if you send them an email requesting to see them. May be worth having a look although I haven't contacted him as of yet.



Phil, thanks for the link to the Stonecutter's site. That reminds me of another forces' site, for anyone that served at RAF Little Sai Wan: (2020 updated, replacing the link to the old site

They have a photo of how it looked, and several other old photographs of the area.

Today the area uses the Chinese name 'Siu Sai Wan'. Reclamation and re-development means it looks very different now.