How to: add photos from another website to

Submitted by Admin on Wed, 04/15/2009 - 13:30

[UPDATE 2022: This feature is not available at present.]

Here's how to add images that are hosted on other websites. Initially this feature supports Flickr, ImageShack, Photobucket, Picasa, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Check below for an updated list.

Some reminders first:

  • Check that the hosting site, and the person who uploaded the photos allows their images to be displayed on other websites. We look at this in more detail below, in page describing each individual hosting site.

If that's ok, let's get on with adding the image - you can go directly to the Create Image (external) page, or you can find it on the left of the page, near the bottom. Scroll down until you see 'Create content', then a few lines below that click on the 'Image (external)' link.

On the new screen you'll need to fill these two fields:

  • Title: A brief description of the photo
  • Image (external): provide a link to the new image. See the page below that describes the hosting site (eg Flickr) for details on where to get the link.

You could click 'Submit' now to upload the photo, but if you take some time to fill in the other fields, you'll help other people find it later. Here are the optional fields:

  • Image galleries: If you know which gallery the photo belongs to, choose it here. If you're not sure, you can always put it in the gallery for the decade it was taken, eg '1960s Hong Kong'.
  • Tags: A comma-separated list of words that describe the photo. eg 'tram', 'market', etc. Tags are a good way to group together related photos. (Learn more about tags).
  • Body: Any notes or other information you'd like to add to describe the photo.
  • Date picture taken: This is in format YYYY-MM-DD. If you're not sure the exact date, just choose the Jan 1st of the nearest year, or nearest decade. eg for an old photo you think was taken in the 1910's, you'd enter 1910-01-01
  • Places shown in this photo: This will let people search for your photos by its location. Just type a few characters of the name of the place you can see, wait a moment, and you'll see a list of matching places. eg type hsb and see what appears. Click on the one you want to add it to this photo. There is space for two new places initially, but if you need more just click the 'add another item' button.

    If there isn't any match for the place name you type, maybe it was created under a different name? Different people may use different abbreviations for the same place. You can check the map of places first to see if that's the case.

    And of course if the place you're thinking of still isn't shown (though together we've created over 900 already!), it's easy to add a new place.

Click 'Submit' to upload and save the image.

If you find any mistakes, or anything isn't clear, please leave a message below.


In the list of sites Wikimedia Commons are missing. What about this website?

My "problem" is: I've uploaded a couple of pictures from my 1980 visit to Honkong already to Wikimedia. After that I found Gwulo and think these pictures would also fit there. So: should I upload directly from my computer or is a link to Wikimedia necessary/better?

Hi Klaus,

I don't have any way to automatically show photos from Wikimedia Commons, so if you can upload them to Gwulo from your computer they will be very welcome. Usually I recommend providing a link to the online source of an image, but since they are your own photos there is no need to.

Regards, David

PS I also need to update this page, as after the upgrade the website only supports adding photos from Flickr.