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Edward Schneider has added an interesting series of photos of the interior and exterior of the The Orient Tobacco Manufactory. Some samples...

The Orient Cigar poster
The Orient Cigar poster, by


Workers seated at tables
Workers seated at tables, by


The factory
The factory, by


Does anyone recognise the location of this photo?

1931-39 rice fields
1931-39 rice fields, by Aldi


Who are we looking at, and when was this photo taken?

Fanling Babies' Home - Christian Children's Fund Visit
Fanling Babies' Home (Help needed), by Aldi


Who are these people - possibly colleagues of Bill Bennett at Jardines:

1950 / 60’s Jardine People?
1950 / 60’s Jardine People?, by hongkongbob


Does this photo show 4 Bluff Path?

No. 4 Bluff Path?
No. 4 Bluff Path?, by hongkongbob



Sam Ka Tsuen in 1957
Sam Ka Tsuen in 1957, by Klaus


Ping On Wharf 1949
Ping On Wharf 1949, by Klaus


The Wing Sang Dairy Co
The Wing Sang Dairy Co, by dire398


1922 top of broadwood road
1922 top of Broadwood Road, by Admin


1909 Advertisement for Oriental Hotel
1909 Advertisement for Oriental Hotel , by Chinarail


06 emmanuel church clifts forces games rm 3
Emmanuel Church - Clifts - Forces games room, by Stuart Braga


Shun On wrecked in the 1936 typhoon
Shun On wrecked in the 1936 typhoon, by Klaus


Kowloon-West 1962
Kowloon-West 1962, by Klaus


P H Holyoak
P H Holyoak, by Admin


Hoi Bun School garden
Hoi Bun School garden, by philk


3 horse finish
3 horse finish, by jill


Food vendor on Cheung Chau Island
1990 Food vendor on Cheung Chau Island, by ecofugal


1958 methodist college opening ceremony
1958 methodist college opening ceremony, by simtang


Caravelle Hotel (帆船酒店)
Caravelle Hotel (帆船酒店), by philk

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Someone asked (2003 Week 08) a question about Van Leeuwen, a volunteer who died during the fighting against Japan.  I don't know the answer to his question, but it might interest him and others that I met his widow, Edith Mary Van Leeuwen (know as Peggy) some years ago.  She was living on Conduit Road and was a good friend of Geoffrey Bonsall (Charles Weatherby RTHK).  He took me to meet her because I think she was an internee in Stanley Camp during the war.  I haven't been able to fine my notes to verify this, however.