Lawrence GIBBS [1865-1943]

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hi i am a HK journalist, and doing research for Lawrence Gibbs(1865-1943, civil engineer), i'd like to write an article about him, however even i have already gathered many information, I couldn't find his photo. 

he was in HK from 1890-1928, working for  Public Works Department(10 years) then later in a private firm Messr Denison, Ram (he became partner a year later , and the firm changed the name as "Messr Denison, Ram and Gibbs" , 28 years)

his did a lot of important work as an engineer during his time in hk, the most famous one lately known as "Ex-Sham Shui Po Service Reservoir ( "Bishop's Hill" /" Mission Hill", possible named as "Kowloon Reservoir" at that time ). Tai Po Lookout also built by him and it was his residence. for such an important role,  i think people should pay more tribute to him, that's why i started to gather his information. 

i also found a book he wrote about fern in HK, but there was no picture of him, only his drawings. 

other info:

- his wife's name is Ellen Maria Gibbs, she passed away in HK in 1910, they had a daughter, named Catherine Marjorie, the daughter was born on 5th March, 1900, and being baptised on 2rd June 1900 in st. john's cathedral.

- when Lawrence Gibbs left HK, he was single. he went to Australia first. 

- his obituary appeared on kent & sussex courier on 10th JUL 1942. he passed at wirksworth ashdown road forest row. 

- he was a secretary of "Horticultural Society" for many years (in HK)

- he also responsible for the Laichikok waterworks scheme and catchwater,  first motor road Jubilee and later Victoria road 

- he was a Justice of the Peace of HK

- he was member of the Institute of Engineers

- he acted as arbitrator under the Crown Lands Resumption Ordinance 

- he was an authorised Architects which was published on the introduction of the Public Health and Building Ordinance in 1903 , he was first on the list. 

i am sure there are some photos of him in the world somewhere, don't know if any experts have some hints for me to look? 

thanks a lot! sorry for my poor english. 

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