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BAAG names and code-numbers

Elizabeth Ride has kindly sent a list of additional British Army Aid Group (BAAG) numbers, and the people they refer to.

In most cases these people were BAAG agents, working for the British in Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation. They were referred to in written messages by number rather than name, for added security in case the message was intercepted by the Japanese. eg it was safer to send a message by runner that "62 was going to be in Shum Chun on Thursday" than include 62's name.

I've added these new names to the names we already had, and the combined list is shown below. Elizabeth hopes the list will uncover additional information about these brave individuals, and writes "This list is very sketchy and I hope your readers might be able to add to it, correct it, or even corroborate it."

A couple of notes about the format:

  • "(?)" - Where a number has a question mark, eg "BAAG No. 9 (?)", Elizabeth doesn't have verifiable proof that this number belongs to the named person. However the circumstantial evidence suggests it is true.
  • "i", "ii". In some cases, numbers were re-used, eg No. 51 was originally used for Mak Lum, and later used for Yeung Por. In that case I've added a suffix ".i" for the first person to use this number, and ".ii" for the second.

And in the list below you can:

  • Click on any of the column headings to sort the list by that value.
  • Click on any person's family name to visit their page.
Alias / nicknamesort descending Given Family Maiden DoB DoD
BAAG No. 1 Lum Mak
BAAG No. 2 / 歐輝 Fai Au 1910
BAAG No. 3 ?
BAAG No. 4 Wah Ho
BAAG No. 5 Chiu Lam
BAAG No. 6 ?
BAAG No. 7 / 胡榮 Wing Wu
BAAG No. 8 ?
BAAG No. 9 (?) Kwei-yu Yeung
BAAG No. 10 Tak-sun Lau
BAAG No. 11 ?
BAAG No. 12 Percy Davies Cheng 1916
BAAG No. 14 / 49.ii, 葉錦榮 Kam-wing Ip 1913 1944
BAAG No. 15.i Maxie Holroyd
BAAG No. 15.ii / BAAG No. 50.ii Chak-po Lai
BAAG No. 16 ?
BAAG No. 17 Sau-Tak Chan
BAAG No. 18 ?
BAAG No. 19 Joseph / Yiu-Sang Tsang
BAAG No. 20 ?
BAAG No. 21 / 鄭淮廉 / Cheng Wai-lim / Khan / Mo Lo Cheng William Cheng 1913
BAAG No. 22 Chiu-Fan Chan
BAAG No. 23 ?
BAAG No. 24 ?
BAAG No. 25 / 陳養 Yeung Chan
BAAG No. 26 Man-kai Hui 1916
BAAG No. 27 Sang Yip
BAAG No. 28 Tak Yip
BAAG No. 29 Man-shui Lau
BAAG No. 30 ?
BAAG No. 31 ?
BAAG No. 32 ?
BAAG No. 33 ?
BAAG No. 34 Code name 'Cyclist' Foo Yip
BAAG No. 35 Hing Wan
BAAG No. 36 Teng-kee Lau
BAAG No. 37 Kwok-tok Leung
BAAG No. 38 ?
BAAG No. 39 ?
BAAG No. 40 (?) Simon / Ming-sai Lau 1910
BAAG No. 41 / Shiner / Shinah F. W. Wright
BAAG No. 42 Ah Mui
BAAG No. 43 Kwok-yee Pang 1915
BAAG No. 44 / BAAG No. 74 (?) / 譚藹勵 Osler Thomas
BAAG No. 44 / 李立 Lup Lee 1915
BAAG No. 45 (?) Ho-ka Chak
BAAG No. 46 William / Kwong-Sheung Wong
BAAG No. 47 Alim Din
BAAG No. 48 Tak-Hing Tsang
BAAG No. 49.i Fook Lau
BAAG No. 50 / 鄭根 Bill Chong 1916
BAAG No. 51.i Lam Mak
BAAG No. 51.ii Yeung Por
BAAG No. 52.i ?
BAAG No. 52.ii Betty Woo
BAAG No. 53.i ?
BAAG No. 53.ii Shiu-hing Mui
BAAG No. 54.i ?
BAAG No. 54.ii Kwok-yiu Lam
BAAG No. 55.i ?
BAAG No. 55.ii Tung-sang Li
BAAG No. 56.i Mark, Shing-cheung Tsui 1918
BAAG No. 56.ii Wai-fan Chan
BAAG No. 57.i / Septimus G.M-Butt
BAAG No. 57.ii Man-Cho Law
BAAG No. 58 Fo-yau Wong
BAAG No. 59 Fai-wan Chan
BAAG No. 60.i George Kotwall 1943
BAAG No. 60.ii Kwong-tin Yan
BAAG No. 61 ? ?
BAAG No. 61.ii Hung Chung
BAAG No. 62 Vincent / Wing-Sin Young 1918
BAAG No. 63 Joseph / Yuk-cheung Tsang / Chang
BAAG No. 64 Hung-Sui Lo 1916
BAAG No. 65 Paul Ka-cheung Tsui 1916 1994
BAAG No. 66 Benjamin ?
BAAG No. 67.i King Hung Wu
BAAG No. 67.ii Po-man Cheung
BAAG No. 68 / 雷家仁 / Lui Kar-Yin / Lui Kar-yan / Li Fong / Ip Ming-yan Ka-Yin Lui
BAAG No. 69 ?
BAAG No. 70.i Po-sum Ng
BAAG No. 70.ii / 吳德彰 / Ng Tak-cheung Tak-cheong Ng
BAAG No. 71.i / BAAG codename "Nitram" / 馬乃光 Nelson / Nai-kwong Ma 1914
BAAG No. 71.ii / James Kim Cheuk-ming Yan 1943
BAAG No. 72 ?
BAAG No. 73 David Lam 1923
BAAG No. 75 / Chicken Lee / 李耀標 Francis Yiu-piu Lee 1916 1966
BAAG No. 76.i Yuk Chan
BAAG No. 76.ii (?) / "Darkie" Ting-sang Li 1917
BAAG No. 76.iii / 謝滌君 Dickuan Tse 1900
BAAG No. 77 Kwok-Kwong Chan
BAAG No. 78 / LIU Yau You Li
BAAG No. 79 Kwong-fai Yip
BAAG No. 80 Yuk-wah Ho
BAAG No. 81 Fat Leung
BAAG No. 82 Kam Leung
BAAG No. 83 (?) Wah Ng
BAAG No. 84 Cheung Li
BAAG No. 85 Ying-kwan Chow
BAAG No. 86 (?) Heep Lee
BAAG No. 87 (?) Ting-hoi Tsang
BAAG No. 88 / 陳漢基 Hon-kee Chan
BAAG No. 89 ?
BAAG No. 90 ?
BAAG No. 92 ?
BAAG No. 93 ?
BAAG No. 94 / CC William / K.S. Mok
BAAG No. 95 ?
BAAG No. 96 ?
BAAG No. 97 ? ?
BAAG No. 98 ? ?
BAAG No. 99, 黃作梅 Raymond / Chok-Mui Wong 1916 1955
BAAG No. 100 S.B. Tan
BAAG No. 101 ?
BAAG No. 102 ?
BAAG No. 103 ?
BAAG No. 104 ?
BAAG No. 105 (?) / 楊守德 Sau-tak Yeung 1943
BAAG No. 108 (?) Stern Ho
BAAG No. 112 / CHAN Wai-Shui Kai Chan
BAAG No. 114 ?
BAAG No. 121 ?
BAAG No. 122 ?
BAAG No. 124 ?
BAAG No. 128 (?) G.S. Ladd
BAAG No. 13 / Septic / Scamp / Nobby / Sir Percy Percy Selbourne Selwyn-Clarke 1893 1976
BAAG No. 130 (?) Saleh Ibrahim
BAAG No. 210 ?
BAAG No. 301 ?
BAAG No. 303 ?
BAAG No. 305 ?
BAAG No. 306 ?
BAAG No. 307 ?
BAAG No. 500 / Chung Ming / Ming Chung / C.M. Chung-man Hui
BAAG No. 501 M.C.
BAAG No. 502 / Saboteur No 1 / King ?
BAAG No. 504 Kam-wong To
BAAG No. 509 ?
BAAG No. 510 Sau-tak Chan
BAAG No. 511 Hung Wu
BAAG No. 512 ?
BAAG No. 513 ?
BAAG No. 516 ?
BAAG No. 519 (?) Cheung-lun Fung
BAAG No. 530 Yung-han Sham
BAAG No. 538 / BAAG codename "PL" / Run Chang / 梁潤昌 Y. C. Liang 1918 1979
BAAG No. 544 (?) Tui-See Ho
BAAG No. 568 ?
BAAG No. 579 / 'Another' ?
BAAG No. 580 ?
BAAG No. 591 ?
BAAG No. 865 Chek-kong Lui
BAAG No. 1066 / Capt. George Jack Norman ?
BAAG No. 1067 Tung-choi Cheng
BAAG No. 1068 (?) Ho-fat Lam
BAAG No. 1069 (?) Ping-wah Au

Thank you to Elizabeth for sharing her research with us. This list is a small part of the Elizabeth Ride Collection, which includes a wealth of information about the BAAG. You can read more about the collection at:

Elizabeth is always happy to receive inquiries from researchers with questions about the BAAG. 


A most comprehensive list, but I do not see a listing for Rudy Choy aka  Rudy Choa/ Choi, Wing-hay who was a member of BAAG.

I know he was imprisoned by the Japanese and released in late 1943.



Hi Fivestar,

This list shows people that were referred to by number in a BAAG document - think of it as a way to quickly look up a person's name if you see a number given.

It only shows a small fraction of the people involved with the BAAG, as anyone without a number isn't included.

We have a slightly longer list that includes anyone tagged 'BAAG', and you'll find Rudy mentioned there:

But again there were many more people involved with the BAAG. If you can add any more, please make a Person page for them (, and give them the tag BAAG so they appear in the list.

Regards, David

BAAG FIGS Group P was formed circa July 1944 as an outgrowth of the former Group M consisting largely of former HK Police Resevists.  Group M was led David Loie (M.S.) which soon met its demise in 1943 after activation.  Tso-Chun-on was amongst its instigators, although Tso did not take any role in Group M; he went to Kweilin and may have worked with the ISLD.  Group P was formed with some remnant members of Group M at the initiation of Thomas Wong Wing-tim (No.18) & Mol Kai-sang (C.C.) who was formerly the i/c of Group M Rear HQ in Free China.  Ip Kam-wing (No.49) became the leader.  There were some 18 persons known to have been involved in Group P.  Consideration was given to deploy Group P in security & counter-espionage work when it was formed.


See new posting under "Rudy Choy".  Regards, EMR

According to W0-343-1-73, Part 1, p. 28 at some point in 1943/44 Marcus da Silva was also agent 43.