The Elizabeth Ride Archive

Submitted by David on Thu, 11/15/2012 - 12:29

This is a collection of material based on the life and work of Elizabeth's father, Sir Lindsay Ride. It will be of most interest to people researching wartime Hong Kong, 1942-5, as it includes detailed records of the activity of the British Army Aid Group, the BAAG.

Message from Elizabeth on 23rd August 2020:

I have today opened a website online at

Please notice the date today - 23rd August.  On this date, exactly 75 years ago, BAAG agent Y C Liang delivered the message to Colonial Secretary Gimson in Stanley Camp from the British Government, authorising him to declare the resumption of British sovereignty over Hongkong.  The oath of office was administered by the Chief Justice immediately on that same day.

I hope this website will make my collection accessible to researchers, as well as other interested readers, and I intend to add more material from the collection as time goes by - and as long as my failing eyesight should permit.  

With best wishes,



In a couple of episodes of RTHK's 'Hong Kong Heritage' show, presenter Annemarie Evans interviews Elizabeth Ride.

Part 1 (click here to listen) covers:

  • The Elizabeth Ride Collection
  • Details of Sir Lindsay Ride's experiences:
     - background, pre-WW2,
     - and his involvement with the HK Volunteers,
     - activities during the fighting in December 1941,
     - imprisonment in Sham Shui Po Camp, and conditions there,
     - his escape from the camp, and the journey to Free China 

Part 2 (click here to listen) covers: