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Stanley Civilian Internment Camp [1941-1945]

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During the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, several thousand civilians were interned here.

Overview of the camp

For an initial overview of the camp, see:

Books describing the camp

Wartime diaries and other contemporary accounts of the camp

Here on the Gwulo website we're collecting diaries and other material about life in the camp. You can browse through the documents by clicking any of the links below, or you can sign up to receive a daily email message, giving you "today's" news from 75 years ago.

Lists of people interned at Stanley

We're also building a list of the people interned in Stanley. Click here to view the list, then click any family name to see further information about an individual person. On the person's page, click the "What links here" tab to see which other pages on this site mention the person. This is very much a work-in-progress. Corrections & additional information welcome!

The Stanley Camp Nominal Roll is a list of internees st Stanley, published by the BAAG in late 1942.

Other Resources

  • Stanley Camp Discussion Group on Yahoo Groups. Members of the group include former internees, their children & relatives, as well as people such as Geoffrey Emerson and Tony Banham who have researched the camp. It's a great place to ask questions and share information about the camp.
  • Brian Edgar, author of the "Chronology of Events Related to Stanley Civilian Internment Camp" listed above, also has a blog with lots of articles about wartime Hong Kong and Stanley Camp:
  • Philip Cracknell's blog, Battle for Hong Kong, shares his research on WW2 Hong Kong. Several recent posts have looked at events and people connected with Stanley Camp.

What other resources have you found useful?

Photos that show this place


Philip has posted some "then & now" photos of the Stanley Camp area:

Some of the former internees of the camp were back in Stanley last week for a reunion:

Stanley Camp reunion, December 2015

Click the photo to see the names of the people shown.

Phili's latest blog post has several good annotated photos of the camp and surroundings:

For more photos of the camp, see: