Notes on Stanley Internment Camp, March 1942

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This 20-page document was written by Wright after his escape from Stanley Internment Camp.

Elizabeth Ride has kindly provided the three dated extracts, accessible from the menu, top-right.

The full document is held in the BAAG archive, at the Hong Kong Heritage Project.


Sample pages

The Queen Mary Hospital, with staff and patients, was moved to Stanley on January 19 and installed in the old Indian Single Warder's Quarters ...

At the first American Committee Meeting on February 5th, the administrative group that had previously emerged was confirmed in office ... ((list of names follows))

On March 18, the Tweed Bay Hospital had on its rolls 90 staff members and 60 patients of whom 19 were due to discharge.  50 percent of the patients were dysentery cases.  Fortunately, however, the dysentery prevalent in the camp is not of a severe type and the average time of such patients in hospital is a week.