Japanese media reports of Hong Kong in WW2

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I bought this Japanese newspaper on eBay a couple of years ago. I can't read any Japanese, but the seller included this description:

The main headline is:

"Ceremonial entry into Hong Kong by Imperial Japanese Army and Navy "

Some articles and pictures:

  • Japan flag stands at the Victoria Park, Hong Kong
  • Commander Sakai and Japan troops parade through Hong Kong
  • Celebration for occuping Hong Kong held
  • Occupation of all islands of…

Update, 10 Jan 2019: The clips listed below are no longer online, but Moddsey has found another, similar set:

May not be in the same sequence as listed but the contents are similar as seen here:  https://www.criticalpast.com/stock-footage-video/1941+hong+kong

The following newsreel clips aren't dated, but they'd likely have reached Japan soon after the British surrendered.