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Chronology of Events Related to Stanley Civilian Internment Camp

Dates of events covered by this document: 
Wed, 1941-01-01 to Tue, 1946-01-01

A Chronology of events relating to Stanley Civilian Internment Camp (January 1942-September 1945)

People make history, but not in circumstances of their own choosing.

Karl Marx

This chronology picks up the lives of some of the individuals eventually interned in Stanley Camp at the start of 1941 and follows them through the fighting (December 8-25, 1941), their time at Stanley (or in other places of internment) and their first few months of freedom in 1945.

It also contains important events in the general history of the Camp, and a series of 'Birds Eye Views' that outline the overall development of life in Stanley.

All sources used are given on each day they are cited, using a brief form that will nevertheless enable anyone interested to identify them.

One of the most important sources for this chronology (and for the history of the Camp in general) is Geoffrey Emerson's Hong Kong Internment. It was originally written in 1973 as Geoffrey's thesis. A copy of the thesis is available online from:

Recently the thesis has also been published as a printed book. This includes the original text, expanded with a new introduction and fresh discussions that recognize later work and information released since 1973. New illustrations, including a new map and photographs, as well as an up-to-date bibliography, have also been included in the book. Details of the printed book:

A caveat about the term 'the Japanese' is given here:

The Chronology will always be liable to updating and correction, but is now available in a reasonably complete form.