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Book news

  • 15% off
    The local My Book One online bookstore is having a sale. Until 7 March they're offering all four of Gwulo's books at 15% off: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4.
  • Thanks to sifree for the first Amazon review of Volume 4:
    "As a former Hong Kong resident I have thoroughly enjoyed all of David's previous books and this one is equally as fascinating. As well as providing an interesting insight into life in old Hong Kong, it has made me look at old photos and films in a whole new way - looking closer to find out what clues I can gain from them.
    What I particularly enjoyed about this volume was that there are more photos of Kowloon (my old stomping ground). It's always interesting to see what your former neighbourhood used to look like and how much it has changed over the years. Highly recommended for anyone with links to Hong Kong who has an active interest in its history."
  • I'm also pleased to see that Poirot, Hong Kong's only feline book reviewer, continues to give Gwulo's books a purr of approval with their review of Volume 3.
  • If you've read my latest book and would like to dig deeper, I've posted a list of the photos in Volume 4. You can click on any photo to see more information about the scene, and add comments to the photo to ask questions or add more detail.







1920s Spring Garden Lane, by eternal1966e


1950s Victoria Park Swimming Pool, by eternal1966e


1965 Victoria Park Swimming Pool, by eternal1966e


1918 Mount Austin (Peak) Road, by eternal1966e


1927 Aerial View of Kai Tak Airfield
1927 Aerial View of Kai Tak Airfield, by eternal1966e


1930s Sai Ying Pun Waterfront, by eternal1966e


The reclamation project in Central 1963, by longhaircheungmo


1963 Aerial view of Kowloon - Yau Ma Tei = 九龍航空景觀 - 油麻地, by ngkungyee


Pier to Shamshuipo ca. 1955, by eternal1966e


Doulton London drainage cover
Doulton London drainage cover in the
HK Zoological & Botanical Garden , by scottp


Ham Baker & Co. Westminster SW manhole cover
Ham Baker & Co. Westminster SW manhole cover, at the
Lei Yue Mun Barracks, by Freddie


Pui Shan, Hong Kong, 1945
Pui Shan, Hong Kong, 1945, by Arthur Fiddament


george gordon 1935.jpg
G G Stopani-Thomson in 1935, by Ginag


JamiaMosque001.jpg, by Paul Atroshenko


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