Jordan Road Temporary Vehicular Ferry Pier [1960-????]

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The Hong Kong Annual Report for the year 1960 refers on page 217:
On 15th January 1960 a temporary vehicular ferry service opened between Rumsey Street and Jordan Road. This service began within less than nine weeks of its conception and gives a supplementary service until the new vehicular ferry piers are ready.

The new temporary pier was built north-west of the existing one. It probably opened at the same time as the one at Rumsey Street. Similar to this one it served single deck vehicular ferries only.


Photos that show this Place


HYF was building a vehicular ferry service between North Point and North Point to start in 1959.

Unfortunately, due to the delay of construction of the ferry pier in North Point, the Eastern vehicular ferry service could not be commenced until 1965. 

Thus, in the meantime, the Government approved the HYF to establish a temporary vehicular ferry service between the reclamation land in Central and Jordan Road in 1960. Four single decked vehicular ferries, which were originally prepared for the launching of the Eastern vehicular ferry service, were arranged to run the temporary vehicular ferry service.

The HYF diverted trucks to travel with the temporary vehicular ferry service and left the original vehicular ferry service to serve the private car.
The introduction of the temporary vehicular ferry service helped to reduce 50% of the waiting time for crossing harbour.

See photo below where a long queue of trucks is visible that extends into Ferry Street:

Jordan Road Piers
Jordan Road Piers, by Ken93110

SHAM WAI CHI, THESIS Lingnan University 2007