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W. J. (William John?) WEBB ANDERSON [????-????]

W. J. (William John?)
Webb Anderson
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Wesleyan Methodist Church Ist generation

The missionary doctor, the Rev. W. J. Webb Anderson M.B., Ch.B was one of the mainstays of the Wesleyan Missionary Church hospital in Fatshan, Canton, where he worked for over twenty years, according to Carl Smith. According to my father’s memory, the Rev Webb Anderson was one of the closest friends of his own father, Charles Edward Warren. This makes sense, as they lived next door to each other for about seven years.

From Broadwood Road’s inception in 1916, Webb Anderson is given as the rate payer for no. 19 (originally no. 20). He is continuously recorded as the rate payer at least until 1926, by which time he had retired to England, yet 19 Broadwood Road, known as “The Cottage” was also the house where my uncle, Leslie Warren lived with his family from 1924/26 to 1938. Most of his family photos were taken there.

The Hong Kong Daily Press of 29 November 1916 records Webb Anderson as speaking in Hong Kong about the success of the Fatshan Hospital enterprise. Was this the year that he retired from Fatshan? I’m trying to find out whether he was actually living in Broadwood Road from 1916 to 1925. I believe there are records of him preaching at the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Hong Kong. I’d like to find out whether there are any other records of his contribution to the Hong Kong community and exactly when he left Hong Kong.

Carl Smith records the Rev WJ Webb Anderson’s marriage to Eva Rawcliffe at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Hong Kong in 1901. He also records the death of his father, the Reverend Theophilus D. Webb Anderson in July 1926 and gives WJ Webb Anderson as “resident in England” at that date.




This document confirms his first name was William: http://books.google.com.hk/books/about/An_Historical_Review_and_Report_o...