Women, Crime and the Courts - a talk 3rd March | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Women, Crime and the Courts - a talk 3rd March

Next Wednesday, 3rd March, I will be speaking for the Royal Asiatic Society on Women, Crime and the Courts-Hong Kong 1841-1941, which was recently published in HK by Blacksmith Books. The talk will be on zoom and is free to attend - you don't have to be a member of the RAS.  I'll be telling some of the stories from the book and a few additional ones, with some of the background and context of women's lives in this period. Its starts at 11 am gmt / 7 pm hkt and can be accessed by registering with RAS by emailing  membership@royalasiaticsociety.org.hk who will send you the zoom link. More information can be found in the RAS newsletter - scroll through to page 18   https://static1.squarespace.com/static/55c6cfc1e4b0ac80892866af/t/5ff2c2...

Hope to see you there! 



I've booked my place - looking forward to it!