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AOP on Pottinger Peak [????- ]

The photos of this wartime Artillery Observation Post  (AOP) on Pottinger Peak help tie the others together:

  • The top of the roof, with the ridge around the front, looks like the one at Braemar Hill
  • The protective overhang and the 'concrete blobs' style of camouflage is the same as the one at High West

Then this photo from flickr shows the inside of the Pottinger Peak OP, with the same square opening in the roof that we saw in the one at Jardine's Lookout.

Pottinger Peak, Hong Kong

I wonder how many more of these observation posts there are?

Photos that show this place



Last month Phil Cracknell and I went for a look around Pottinger Peak and took these photos of the AOP.

Pottinger Peak AOP

This photo shows the view from on top of the AOP, looking out towards Tung Lung Chau and in the distance the Ninepin Islands.

Pottinger Peak AOP


AOP status in 2016 Dec

Pottinger Peak AOP
Pottinger Peak AOP, by train.tang
Pottinger Peak AOP

Pottinger Peak AOP, by train.tang