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Type A Splinter-Proof Shelter

Some background from Rob Weir on the type of bunker that T has just reported:

This is a Type A Splinter Proof Shelter, and they can be found throughout the Island and Kowloon/NT. They were primarily for troop accommodation, containing 9 stretcher beds, but other known uses were as HQ's, First Aid Stations, storage, and cookhouses/field kitchens.

They can be found singly or in groups from two to 20+, free standing, or dug into the side of a hill. The grouped ones are often surrounded by a common second outer wall, to form an air space.

They are usually (although exceptions occur) of similar size and shape, constructed of concrete 6" thick with a metal door and window shutter on the front, and a capped airshaft (similar to PB's and LL's) on the roof.

I've made a new tag, Type A Splinter-Proof Shelter, for these. Let's use it to tag any more Places we add for these shelters, so we can build up a map of their locations.


Hi there,

I think they are all over Aberdeen Reservoirs, Tai Tam Reservoirs as well as Pokfulam.  The one I spotted is very likely one of those in the neighbourhood of Tai Tam Reservoirs.

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