British Military structure, Middle Gap. [????- ]

Submitted by David on Fri, 02/18/2011 - 14:03
Current condition

There's a little covered seating area about half way along Black's Link, which is a good sport to stop for a drink if you're hiking this area in the summer. But in the back wall, Craig pointed out a metal fixture:

Loop for metal bed frame

These are common to many of the British military buildings (eg pill boxes, spliter-proof shelters), and were the hinges for folding beds. Does anyone know which type of building was here originally?

Here's the wider view, which you'll probably recognise:

Middle Gap - Shelter

Photos that show this Place



I was hoping Rob Weir would have something to say about this. Here's his email:

There was a Shelter built there pre-war, for use by the HKVDC, but apparently demolished some time since. That wall, from my memory, would have been the back one, with signs of where the stretcher clamps were once. I have only seen reference to one, presumably that was it. The aerial photo is somewhat inconclusive. I am certain I once saw a  photo taken during or shortly after the war which showed a shelter there, but I cannot remember where I saw it.