Far East Motors demonstration TR2

Sat, 06/27/2015 - 14:29

Relaxing at Kowloon Peak after racing with a MG around the NT in 1951!

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Great photo ... TR2 just the same as the one which one the first Macau GP!! Is that you with the car? I am writing a Book on the "First 100 years of Motoring in Hong Kong" so if you have any motoring stories I'd love to hear from you (ian@netvigator.com).

Mike Burrell bought his TR3A new in 1961 and still has her, keeping us all amused at the Classic Car Club of HK.

Best,              IAN 


I used to borrow the TR2 on the odd day for a spin. I think the sales manager was Basto?

In those years I recall my car cleaner went around on a bicycle with his bucket, cleaning material and feather duster. He would somehow find my car where ever it was parked, usually near the Star Ferry.