1911 - St. Johns Cathedral - Baptism, Marriage and Burias

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Baptism Jan 4 Joan Mabel Churchill  
    13 Philip Henry Rathsam  
     24 Eileen McCoan Thornhill  
     25 Henry Douglas Vincent Craig  
 Marriage    3 Percy James Kelly
Ada Winifred Wright
     11 Ernest George Watson
Gertrude Emily Richardson
     23 James Herbert Backhouse
Alma Ellaine Cull
     28 Frederick Thomas Chapple
Frieda Julia Kuehn
Burial    26 Gregory George Catchick  
Baptism Feb 3 Paul Eldon Potter  
    9 Dorothy Mary Oakley  
    9 Charles Heathcote Wilson Messer  
    25 Gladys Mary MacNider  
    27 Harold Joseph Halton  
Marriage   7 Walter Hugh Barham
Ethel Collard
    22 William Martin Blucher
Bertha Lydia Joseph
Baptism Mar 1 George Henry Gannon  
    4 George Alexander Knight  
    6 Cyril Arathoon Owen  
    27 Violet Eileen Martin  
Marriage   9 Morrison Brown Yung
Ada Lillian Quinn
Burial   12 Herbert William Kenny  
    25 Frank Winter  
Baptism Apr 9 Herbert Scott Miles  
Marriage   18 Arthur Buckingham Thornhill
Adah Johnes St. Clair
Burial   15 William Manners  
Baptism May 1 Heather McGregor  
    6 Joan Mary Hartnell-Beavis  
    24 Francis Dillon Mountford Williams  
Marriage   2 Frederick Joseph Gill
Bessie Maud Kennett
    9 Emerson Brewer Christie
Clara Cecilia Pray
    25 Douglas William Munton
Gwendolen Margaret Roffe
Baptism Jun 6 Molly Mildred Pearce  
    8 William Charles Eldridge  
    21 Alice Gray Carter  
Marriage   9 George Hall Bowdey
Ethel Hutton Potts
    13 Charles Home Douglas St. Clair
Agatha Mary Jacks
    20 Stuart George Newall
Ellen Charlotte Wallace
Burial   6 Sara Elizabeth Barker  
    13 Charlotte Page Hance  
    17 Mary Robertson  
Baptism Jul 2 Dora Stewart  
    6 Edward Chatham Wolfe  
    9 Robert Foster Gregory  
    19 Arthur Basil Clarke  
Marriage   22 William Birch McNaughton
Amy Emily Pallister
    26 David Richard Shaw
Barbara Rutherford
Burial   1 George White  
    10 George Arthur William Boole  
Baptism Aug 14 Christian Morch Hansson  
    21 Ethel Mary Wood  
    28 Hugh Neville Heath Lander  
    31 Kathleen Sheila Donnelly  
Marriage   12 Percy James Falconer
Dora Vaughn Kent
    22 George Homewood
Agnes Cameron Dalzell
    23 John Tully
Gertrude Elizabeth Terrey
    29 Arthur Durham Waring
Gladys Frances Lyons Relton
    30 John Farrar Macgregor
Dorothy Annette Shelton Hooper
Burial   12 Sophy Venour Fletcher  
Marriage Sep 13 Cecil Strafford
Mabel Alice Seagrave
Burial   17 Septimus Gray Kennedy  
Baptism Oct 3 Elizabeth Maud Witchell  
    6 William Brian Adams  
    12 Margery Helen Moore  
    12 Annie Malinda Alp  
Marriage   7 Johathan Ingham
Ellen Maria Gear
    16 Charles Gilbert Stenhouse Baronsfeather
Carrie Ada Shaw
    19 Robert Charles Adams
Annie Sophia King
    20 Ernest Coyne
Margaret Sadler
    20 Horace William Henry Titmas
Alice Elizabeth Louisa Taylor
Burial   4 Alfred Ellcott  
    26 James Monday  
    29 Warren Delabere Barnes  
Baptism Nov 3 Dorothy Muriel Ellis  
    9 Ernest Frederick Nicolay  
    10 Reginald Birdsall Moss  
    10 Rita Smith-Malkin  
    18 Julian Paul Chester Master  
    22 Ivy Beryl Packer  
    29 Mary Joyce Bridger  
Marriage   1 William Alexander Hagger
Olivia Waller
    3 Leslie Owen Ross
Jeanne Edith Ridder
    10 Francis William O'Connor
Grizel Grey Miller Otto
    21 Clifford John Aston
Mary Evelyn Williams Edwards
Baptism Dec 4 Andrew Arthur Forbes  
    10 Frank William George Garrison
    16 Edith Robinson Garrison
    23 Robert Alec Farquhar Churchill  
    28 Evelyn Elizabeth Darley  
    29 Lorna Margaret Printz Tollan  
Marriage   9 William Frazier
Florence Jane Peebles
    12 Edward Theodore Chalmers Werner
Gladys Nina Ravenshaw
    20 William Laughton Leask
Ann Eliza Mabel Beaton
    21 Angus Frank Murray Cannan
Norah Marjorie Penty
    27 Richard Henry Griffiths
Anna Maria Freeman
Burial   7 William Edward Dooke  
    22 Margery Helen Moore Garrison
    24 Edith Robinson Garrison
    30 Walter Cantrill Garrison

hi together,
First, thank you for your work and interesting insights into the history of Hong Kong.

We have found a marriage record of our ancestors Frieda Kuehn and Frederick Chapple. They were married in Hong Kong on 01/28/1911.

Later emigrated to England. Do you know if there is a way to view the marriage record digitally?

Often this would also have the bride's date of birth and parents' names, which unfortunately we do not know.

Thank you for every tip. Thanks a lot.

Not digitally. 

1. You write to grsinfo@grs.gov.hk explaining who you are (i.e. descendant of ...) and what you want.

2. They then request permission from the Cathedral to allow you to have access to the books.

3. You can authorize me to look at the books on your behalf. I'll photo the record and send it to you.  

you can contact me through David