HK Police Magazine 1956

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Whilst trying to locate an old friend who used to be in the Marine Police (without success) I happened to come across a resource which I want to share with HK Police enthusiasts. 

It seems that copies of the HK Police Magazine which must have been printed and circulated in 1956 have been digitized and kept by HKU. 

The link is:

It is a wonderful snap-shot of this period. The monthly articles include police news, points of law, Honours Lists, Sports results, articles about 'Home leave' and many more.  There are detailed and complex instructions on how to measure curved road and pavements which were obviously very important for recording trafic accidents. There is an article called "Chatter from the Stations" which includes regional information, who is going on long leave etc. There are also some wonderful advertising inserts, which I presume helped off-set the cost of this publication - although I have no proof of that! 

I hope you enjoy these pages as much as I have. 



Has only the 1956 editions of the HK Police Magazine been digitised? If not, how do you access other editions particularly the earlier ones which started from circa 1950?


As I said, I really found that entry by accident! So the short answer is ‘I don’t know’, sorry. 

I am sure there is a glossary, but I haven’t been able to find one. There is a search engine, but it’s a bit clunky. I will keep trying! 


I have three volumes , each of several years, which I downloaded from HKU Library almost  ten years ago. My PC with the saved files and the links has just crashed and I will have to retrieve the back-up  ( if I can find it) . Will post again as soon as  I find them. 


I have found the three files 




But the HKU Links still escape me  Will update if and when I find them

Until now,  I am unable to find that direct HKU link. If anybody desperately wishes to see " permitted extracts " without the danger of contravening Hong Kong's unduly harsh copyright laws , contact me by email:

I have also tried searching UHK Library catalogue again but alas " Dragon, the HKUL Catalogue, has retired from service. An enhanced version of Find@HKUL ​is now available"

This explains everthing. No wonder nobody can find these magazines easily now . Every time an organization "upgrades" or "enhances" their website is downhill all the way. sad

Email if you want them but " Shh"

There are gaps and the list is not complete:

a) HKPM September 1951 through September1952 

b) HKPM March 1956 through Summer 1958

c) HKPM Spring 1959 through Winter1959

d) HKPM Winter1960 through Autumn 1968

e) Off-Beat January through October 1973

f) Off-Beat November 1973 through September 1974

g) Off-Beat September 1974 through April 1975

h) Off-Beat January 1976 through February 1977

i) Hong Kong Police Review 1986-1990 (Chinese)

j) Hong Kong Police Review 1997, A Year of Transition

k) Hong Kong Police Review 2002 and 2003

l) Hong Kong Police Review 2004

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