New on Gwulo: 2020, week 30

Submitted by David on Sat, 07/25/2020 - 16:00

I've listed some of the recent highlights below, but you can visit the What's New page at any time to see all the latest additions to the site.



  • We had several interesting replies to last week's photo of the sewing lady, adding more photos of similar scenes and confirming the location was Wyndham Street.
  • Nona has uploaded two examples of the documents sent to thank uninterned members of the public who helped POWs and internees during the war:
    • letter.jpg
    • lettertomom.jpg
  • Alfred has uploaded a rare set of maps, drawn by his father Charlie LEUNG Chung-Yee in August 1945. Charlie was a skilled draughtsman, working for the BAAG. I've included one example below, then here's the link to the index and all 14 detailed maps.
    • Chung Wan
  • Frode introduces his book, Fighting for Two Kings: 'a book about the Danish community in Hong Kong in the 1930's and 1940's as well as Danish volunteers in the defence of Hong Kong 1941 is now available also in English.'






Gwulo needs your help

1. If you have an account on, and you've read any of Gwulo's books, please could you take a moment to give the book(s) a rating? I've just added them to Amazon UK, but they don't carry their ratings over from Amazon USA, so they're back to zero. Here are the links to their pages: Volume 1 / Volume 2 / Volume 3. On each page there's a 'Write a customer review' button that takes you to a new page where you can rate the book with 1-5 stars.

They have a few copies of Volume 3 in stock, but the main stock of all three volumes is still on its way there. It should be available to buy in about 10 days time. (Fingers crossed - I've been following the shipment's progress and it is taking a very circuitous route: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Japan, then ... back to Hong Kong International Airport again! I'm hoping their next stop is the UK.)

2. Can you help OCR some wartime documents? Alexandra Talbot has sent three very interesting lists of people from her father's papers:

  • War Memorial Casualty Clearing Hospital.  List of persons serving as staff there as of January 4th, 1942

  • Appendix 1: List of American Internees in Stanley Camp: Male & Female 

  • Police Officers Interned in Stanley Camp

They are scanned copies of typed documents, that need to be OCR'd so they can be posted to Gwulo as searchable text. They are laid out in columns, so I'd like to OCR them each into a spreadsheet, preserving the columns so they can be posted to Gwulo as tables.

If that is something you could help with, please let me know.







Football Pitch, Stanley, by kensalmon


Stanley Prison
Stanley Prison, by kensalmon


1929 Sham Shui Po Farmland
1929 Sham Shui Po Farmland, by Moddsey


1964 Wanchai Landing Place
1964 Wanchai Landing Place, by Eternal1966


1954 Central view
1954 Central view, by Eternal1966


Flagstaff House Building.jpg
Flagstaff House Building.jpg, by danielwettling


Rustomjee (left) and Dent's (right with flags)
Rustomjee (left) and Dent's (right with flags), by annelisec


1910s Wyndham Street
1910s Wyndham Street, by Moddsey


Wyndham Street looking East
Wyndham Street looking East, by Herostratus


Green Island Lighthouses
Green Island Lighthouses, by gideonstone


6. Royal Hongkong Yacht Club, Kellet Island
6. Royal Hongkong Yacht Club, Kellet Island, by njkitto


10. Street Scene, (Victoria)
10. Street Scene, (Victoria), by njkitto


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